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Reviews of Attar by Montale

There are 26 reviews of Attar by Montale.

Attar by Montale (2005) really is an exemplary scent in the argument of "why pay more" against all these exorbitant designer and Western luxury-brand takes on oud. Montale Black Aoud (2006) may take the cake as the flagship rose and oud bombast that really set the Western world on fire, giving them the craving for the combo that designers have seen been willing to satisfy with much further-adulterated and more-expensive takes on the style; but Attar is really the one people interested in the style should be chomping down on first. The reason I say this, is Attar is an extremely balanced authentic attempt at the quintessential "attar" smell found throughout both Dubai and the UAE proper. Whether you're visiting the Burj Khalifa or mucking about somewhere else (like one of various shopping areas), this is the kind of smell that will fill the air; and you will get a bit of artifice of course, hints of natural-smelling rose and oud chips, plus some sandalwood and dry spice. Someone from the Middle East may actually find this too middle-of-the-road and boring, that's how good a job it does in encapsulating that vibe, a vibe Frédéric Malle is willing to sell you for a whopping $1,500, which is absurd.

The opening here is going to be a mix of dry rose and a 50/50 cut between more-medicinal oud with the barnyard sour fecal stuff. As it dries and the funk flattens out, a slightly smokier nuance enters, with sandalwood and a bit of dry vanilla coming in, boosted by some salty ambroxan-powered faux-ambergris. Some people may liken this transition to that of your typical hotel soap found in those regions of the world, as rose/sandalwood is a very popular combination for bar soap of type there, bolstered by some trace white musks. All told, Attar settles into the sandalwood and rose oud combination, with the salty dry musk elements playing with the residual smoke, clean rose, and pops of what feels like cardamom near the end. I have smelled a lot of entry and middle-tier oud attar product (usually in nondescript tubes with Arabic letters) which ultimately dry down like Montale Attar does, with such a measured almost pastiche-like blend of elements popular in perfumes from the region that again, the smell is almost universal. Montale Attar is at once every fragrance ever smelled on the streets of a bustling city from the region, yet not perfectly authentic to anything actually found for sale there, making it tourism in a bottle.

Thus, if you're not wanting the harsher and more patchouli-focused rubbery oud of Black Aoud, and you're not ready for the take-no-prisoners barnyard blast of Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale (2006), Attar is the perfect starting point. You'll get the Goldilocks view of fragrances from that region, mixed with a tiny bit of what passes there as the lowest common denominator. You'll smell every bit as good, as exotic, as challenging (to some), as something shucked at you by any number of Roja Doves, Louis Vuittons, Frédéric Malles, Xerjoffs, or exclusive boutique Diors, yet you won't pay a fraction of the price. As for performance? Well, all bets are off in that department, as the oil skin-retention nature of Montale fragrances in general also applies here. You may in fact find yourself having trouble applying Attar in a way that doesn't cause accidental fumigation and being sent home from work, so consider yourself warned. If you call a scent like this weak, you're anosmic and need to step away from scent for a while, then come back to apply less. I will accept no claims of this being a weak scent whatsoever. Definitely not the easiest Montale, but the absolute mean or average of their output. Thumbs up

The opening blast is a rose all right. Quite deep and fairly rich, a bit on the dark side but nothing very velvety or moody - in all it's sombre character, there is dry elegance to this rose.

The sandalwood arises not much later. A dry, slightly powdery sandal impression that at times developed some oud-like characteristics, but I a discreet manner.

There is not much more to the development of this olfactory journey, except that the components wirkt of ether very well.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This scent for warmer autumn days is very parsimonious in its design using two main components. Whilst very simple in its composition, it is and example of a case where a coupe of good notes can create respectable result and blend. 3.25/5

Another Montale take on rose...not as brutal as some...and not as gentle as some....kinda middle of the road...definitely a rose fragrance...i don't really get any of the trademark Montale oud...i get the rose sitting on top of sandalwood...not a rich solid sandalwood , but more like slightly dried out and faded sandalwood powder/sawdust..., elegant and very wearable...

Very sweet and floral and the flower is of course the rose. I am not sure what, but there is something musky and dusty beneath that rose; I get the same feeling from the use of violet leaf in some perfumes. The rose seems to open and amplify more and more and later I get a powdery aspect added to the sweet rose.

ATTAR opens with a distantly smoky scent of smouldering oud chips. But there is a syrupy sweetness about it that grows increasingly floral as the rose comes into play, before receding into something more resinous, if a little soapish and musky-powdery. It continues to cruise at this altitude for the better part of its development before touching down to a faintly woodsy drydown. Not the finest Montale has to offer but certainly one of the more affable compositions.

Genre: Woods

To my very humble nose, Montale's Black Aoud, Royal Aoud, and Attar are all fairly straightforward oudh-rose compositions, each of which goes in its own particular direction. Attar is a far tamer scent than the barbaric Black Aoud, but more individual than the civilized Royal Aoud. If Black Aoud is the bully of the lot and Royal Aoud the dignified uncle, then Attar is the dandy.

Attar goes on immediately sweeter than the other Montale Aouds I've tried, save the cloying Aoud Ambre. The notes read sandalwood and rose, but it's the rose that grabs me first. This is a sweet, mellow rose, far removed from Black Aoud's spicy, aggressive blossom. Tea rose if you will, as opposed to damask rose. Maybe it's the double distillation. At any rate, this rose note intensifies over the first hour or two, until it fully dominates the fragrance.

As for the Mysore sandalwood? I don't get it. Nil. Nada. At least not until well into the drydown, where the rose begins to recede. Midway through, Attar reveals a mysterious note which I can only describe as "fleshy." Juxtaposed with the oudh, this builds an accord that is somewhat reminiscent of a bandaged wound. Not a nasty wound - more like a surgical wound, with stitches and some disinfectant. Further on, things sweeten up a bit, until we reach the soft and rounded woody drydown. On me, this scent lingers less than the other Montale Aoud's - a "meager" 6 to 8 hours. Also a distinctly unisex fragrance, I believe.

Lush Arabian perfumery roses DRENCHED in syrup, served up on powdery fragrant wood. Direct and full-on, it really touches the right spots. Somewhat unoriginal and I couldn't say how close the ingredients are to nature, but when there's such a combination of power and beauty, who could resist? Disregard the nail varnish air of the opening seconds, that's just Attar checking itself in the mirror before making its grand entrance.
However this va-va-voom quality persists for only about an hour or so, after which Attar gets much lighter, muskier, the woods more prominent and the whole experience a bit more soft focus. Somewhat reminiscent of Aoud Queen Roses (but that's hardly a surprise with the Montale clan of perfumes where family resemblances are quite pronounced).

Ok, too much like Montales other Rose based...Black Aoud, Rose Musk...etc, etc.. NOT bad, nice projection Rose is great, saffron or amber spices it up a bit but it still is just a clone of too many other Montales.

I agree with Off-Scenter on its reflexion about the Montale's rose-oudh combos and about the differences between Attar, Black Aoud and Royal Aoud. Attar is for sure the more floral, ethereal, sweet and subtle of the three, purified from the spicy and pharmaceutical barbarian (Black Aoud), without the modern creaminess of the Royal Aoud and with a barely notable medicinal, animalic, salty spark. The sandalwood is almost evanescent and the fragrance is a sort of nostalgic floral and resinous cloud with an otherworldly flying structure. The final outcome is decidedly rosey, airy, slightly woody-musky, averagely sweet, leaning over the feminine side. A pleasant fragrance, finally may be too faint for my boldness demand.

My first experience with the house of Montale. I am very impressed. Stunning stuff. Elegant, long lasting, delicate and the smell is an oasis for my nose. Rose, saffron, creamy, soft, luscious. I need to get to more from this house. This is a must buy so far!

16 reviews and almost no mention of saffron? Attar is prominently saffron. The same one as Montale's confidential collection 'Indian Safran.' Here, it is blended with a minimal amount of roses, ultra-diluted Cambodhi oudh, and an ephemeral sandalwood down there at the bottom.Don't believe me? Sample Indian Safran!

Attar opens with none of the bitterness of Royal, Lime, Steam or Black Aoud, it also arrives much quicker at its main act. It straddles the boundary of a daywear and an eveningwear fragrance. In weight it lies midway between Steam Aoud and Black Aoud, having all of Steam Aoud's versatility and some of Black Aoud's sensuality. The Sandalwood and rose are so perfectly balanced that it's not possible for me to tell which is the dominant element overall, one minute it's the rose the next the sandalwood. Attar is a very linear fragrance with an ability to get straight to business after application. I get a decent amount of noticeable presence for 6-7 hours on my skin. Soft and sweet, but never too rich, Attar is probably the Montale I would apply the most. Given the opportunity I'd still jump quicker to put on Black or Lime Aoud.

Very wain sandalwood and roses. Weak yet ethereal. This is one oud I could enjoy but I don't think there's any oud in it at all. OK overall.

The opening of this rose scent has been described as medicinal and sharp, which is true enough, though I would add boozey as well. This is one drunk rose. Odd to think of booze and roses together, but there it is. The sandalwood gives it depth, and I'm in agreement with Pigeon Murderer that this definitely leans toward the feminine side.Montale is full of surprises, isn't it?

oh goodness... this is potentially the most "real" fragrance I've ever had the luxury of sampling. As a loving and devoted boyfriend I have probably purchased hundreds if not thousands of roses in my "man" career, and this has to be the most surreal but grounded rose fragrance I've ever come across. As weird as it sounds I can actually smell "texture" in this. Without even having to bring my wrists above chest level I can "feel" rose petals, albeit slightly wilted and crushed. This baby has got monster sillage and projection, as only a couple of sprays has completely enveloped me in a heavy aura. I knew that the concentration was high when two spritzes to the wrist left me with the feeling of fresh motor oil for at least an hour. I can't really vouch for any aoud in the mix, and if there is it was incredibly well blended. There is no medicinal sharpness, and besides the opening blast the only acridity is the realistic deep floral element. It is only upon full drydown that the sandalwood really presents itself, and to me it is more of a casual companion laying the rose in bed to sleep. I have yet to sample black aoud, but after this gem from montale I have to get a whiff... Laying here in this magnificent aura I'm hard pressed to believe that I will like black oud any better, but I'm damned sure that Attar is going to be my next buy

I really like the medicinal woody opening of this, too bad that phase doesn't last that long at all…It becomes soon very bright and straightforward rose scent with woody undertones. Leans strongly towards feminine side.I am hoping the sandalwood in here would be creamier, more full-bodied and more ”sturdy” overall. The structure of this scent seems quite thin to me, it is sharp and very simple, and most unfortunately it just doesn't have any alluring qualities. Speaking for myself; many of the actual Montale Aoud scents simply outclasses this scent to be totally useless. However, I know there are a lot of people out there who actually don't like the aoud in larger quantities. For you this might be a real treasure – who knows.I am not completely sure of the ingredients in this juice. Only rose and sandalwood are officially announced by Montale, but I'm sure there is a hint of aoud to the mix as well. Also I would be surprised if it didn't have a small touch of amber and muskNot bad, but nowhere near to my favourites from this house. Recommended for you to try, if “fresh waxy roses with dash of fairly sharp woods and very subtle animalic background” sounds intriguing.

Is there aoud in Montale Attar? I really don't know for certain. While I get the medicinal character of aoud in the opening, which reminds me of Black Aoud, I get none of the “aoud magic” that follows in all the Montale Aoud's I have tried to date: Black Aoud, Royal Aoud, Steam Aoud and Aoud Damascus. And Montale does not list aoud as a note (and it certainly is a note that no manufacturer would want to gloss over if it is there! It is too costly not to boast about!) At any rate, this reminds me of a Black Aoud in the opening, later in development a simple rose dominated scent, supported by sandalwood. Certainly acceptable, but not especially remarkable: I see it as an unnecessary addition if one owns Black Aoud. Indeed, if I had both, the Montale Attar would never be worn.

Notes: (according to Luckyscent): Mysore sandalwood, Bulgarian roses. Some say there is also oud.I like this one very much. A true rose that isn't sweetened with anything but itself, and the sandalwood simultaneously rounds it out around the edges and gives it depth and nice grounding. If there is oud in there, it's very subtle (which makes me wonder whether it's in there, oud being what it is), and lovely. Overall a simple, elegant, and very classy rose.

Truly a rose that anyone could love. Simple and straightforward, yet surprisingly complex. The sandalwood adds a great deal more here than you might initially think, and the rose is (again) a simple but true rose that announces itself throughout the fragrance's development. Incredibly good use of oud, here, too. Very medicinal and sharp in the opening, granted, but that's true of almost every oud fragrance ever made.Easily one of the Top Five in my Montale pantheon.

Very appealing. Beautiful Rose/Oud combination. Very good sillage, and outstanding longevity. This leans to the masculine side and just smells very romantic. It would be great for a date to the drive-in movie after dinner at a restaurant. I recommend and it near the top of my wish list.

Attar--Earthy, warm rose. Sexy and leathery and slightly green. A very reasonable rose. Spicey,not too girlie or perfumey.

Dry, dark and velvety-floral - on me the rose really pushes itself to the front, with a surprisingly dry sandalwood and, of course, that remarkable and almost medicinal oud. This feels quite linear to me - I think the ingredients list will be quite short - but the blending of these few notes is seamless. Fantastic sillage.

Sweet, spicy, rosy. Smooth oud. Rich, elegant sandalwood provides great sweetness. The sandalwood alone is reason enough to try this fragrance. A medium rose presents itself along with fragrant spices (of the "salty" variety, like saffron or curry.) If the rose in Aoud Queen Rose is too much for you, this is the way to go. Rich, deep, intoxicating.

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