Attar Al Kaaba fragrance notes

    • oud, sandalwood, amber, rose

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Inspired from the scent of the holy kaaba. A beautiful blend of rose and oud that evokes powerful positive memories. This precious, highly potent perfume is seductive, sweet yet sophisticated blended with essential oils simply delicious.

Attar Al Kaaba straight away starts with lush red velvety roses. The rose here is jammy and sweet. As the scent develops the rose becomes softer but still with a pure essence then oud and amber adds to make a truly divine experience of middle eastren scent. Attar al kaaba takes you to a wondrous world. Longevity is excellent and sillage is commensurate with its longevity.

13th August 2016
Voices through a fog at the start, where the traditional rosy attar sweetness seems to be calling in a way that is difficult to pin down. It's a bit milky, a bit powdery, with all edges blurred. Whereas many attars aim for a major chord that disorients and transfixes by its power and thorough blending of gutsy notes, this one is much more subtle, almost too much so until one gets used to it.
Upon further acquaintance one gets a classic sandal-inflected rose attar with a faint aura of musk, light vanillic tones, maybe a dab of saffron or cardamom that gives it that diffuse, milky quality. The rose has a slightly fruity, jammy quality, it's a preserved thing, not garden fresh. If there's oud in the mix, then it plays the finishing role here – a dab to complete and round out the attar rather than something one immediately picks out.
Attar al Kaaba enfolds you gently until it becomes a sweet emanation of one's skin. It is somewhat chaste, a calming perfume rather than a ravishing one. And while it pleases, it also feels somewhat standardized and unexceptional.
26th July 2014

One of the best Oud/Sandalwood/Rose fragrance I have smelled. This stuff is great!
4th April 2013