Atlantic fragrance notes

    • citrus, sea mist, clean woods

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Aqua Bravita
In floating brave Bath-eau-sphere
Off Herrera's coast

Apart set by some
Sheer plastic toy as champagne
Magic moment toast

To petrofloral
Precious lie 'bout fragrant morn
Of youth won't die just

Born what once was lost
Then perchance found once morish
In perfume some cost

Beyond adorish
Left to fresher memory
Odder even now

Mon 'mer savory
For in perfume greater how
Intention must be

Found than in child's toy
No notes e'r meant to sound to
Nose of odd boy, this

Version too-point eau
Of doll skin bliss lost to woe
As what stays alleged

With Vegan Lasses
Ne'er leaves our blotter bosses
For sure 'twas this twain

In space and three time
Twixt Guerlain, Dior and some
Barney's LV time

Sniffed a bit Arquiste
And dare say Success Trumpiste
But what e'r does not

Recall in solid
Fashion mall regrets of some
Lost Passion eau, well

Chase it further not
Bottles all are bestn't got
And back in Thyme to

This clear moment and
Some new rhyme now to foment
Next vain uncertain

Tea-time fragrant Miss
Terre email gmail searches
For some new beloved

Beloved off-note
That eau m'eye sea all that eye
Wrote in my mind to

Day in some M'EauM'Gly
Way of saying thank you all
S'Eau kindly 'fore yore

Eau s'eau kindly lore
Betwixt thy nose and mine, this
Art of Code Eau as

Rejoice in thine, fore
Thus we preach to broken choir
Brave bravitas o'er

Strange beauty higher.
5th May 2021
Smells very similar to Invictus Aqua. I actually got an enthusiastic reaction from my wife after smelling it on me.

Smells very good and has decent projection while it lasts, which is maybe a couple hours. I'm not even sure it lasted that long, but regardless, it doesn't have good longevity.

Thumbs up for the smell, thumbs down for the performance. I'll split the difference and give it a neutral.
4th May 2021