Coty (1934)


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François Coty

Photograph courtesy of Alexandra Star of Parfums de Paris.

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Reviews of A'Suma by Coty

The greatest of the leather orientals!

This is a warm, sweet leather oriental, that combines the best of its predecessors, from which it unabashedly copies, Jicky, Emeraude, Shalimar.

It combines bergamot, lavender, vanilla and civet in a perfect balance, eliminating the "edges" from this trio of predecessors, and it's a great crime it is discontinued.

Search for it on Ebay and fall in love with it!

First Edit: The more I wear this, the more depth I find in it. It becomes the "dark" L'Aimant, retaining the vanilla nuttiness with deep notes of menthol, tuberose, and sandalwood. This is one I desperately want to own a bottle of.
Apr 23, 2014

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