Inspired by The Cube sculpture by Tony Rosenthal.

Astor Place fragrance notes

  • Head

    • violet leaf, mandarin
  • Heart

    • freesia, red poppy buds, iris root
  • Base

    • teakwood, musk, amber

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Middle of the road type floral fragrance. Soft, slightly fresh, but ultimately boring. There's just nothing to stand out or distinguish this in any way. The most interesting thing about Astor Place could be the bottle. At Bond prices, it's not going to happen.

Be more creatve! Thumbs down.
20th December 2016
Very dull scent -- like a candle rather than a full-bodied fragrance to wear. Smells very thin and blah.
30th October 2016

I find this to be a very soapy scent. It's not unpleasant, but I don't see how anyone would choose to wear this over some other fragrance. Do people really like to smell like soap? I'd rather just use a good soap than to spray a soap-imitation scent.

I also find this to be more masculine than unisex.
30th November 2012
I'll just join the chorus with this one and repeat what's already been said. Cheap strawberry floral shampoo smell over the distinct but hard-to-pin-down smell of a warm salty female body. At first, it's mostly the shampoo smell and barely any person smell, but as the day goes on, the smell of a salty sweaty woman with wet hair comes into the forefront, while the strawberry shampoo lessens its grip.

Honestly, at first I hated Astor Place. I have very little patience left for that cheap fake strawberry mixed with watery lilac and rose - it's become quite the overused aquatic fruity floral cliche. But then, a few hours in, without really thinking, I wondered who was in the room with me - I could clearly smell a woman fresh from a steamy shower. Of course it was me and no one was there, but it left me with a begrudging respect for Astor Place. It also maintains a palpable smell of steamy humidity that I really can't put into words, but it's enough to convince me that Astor Place is a rather brilliant perfume trying to smell like cheap shampoo in much the same way that Fire Island is a brilliant perfume trying to smell like suntan lotion.

I still can't bring myself to give it a thumbs up, but it's certainly a novel effect.
2nd October 2012
I think for me jrd4t hit the nail right on the head. It DOES ( on me also ) smell like freshly shampooed hair. I don't hate that, but I was just hoping it would turn out differently on me. Oh well. Not a bad smell though, so give it a try for sure.
9th September 2012
I love this scent on me. I sniff my wrist frequently and enjoy the freesia combined with mandarin, violet, and the kicker, orris. This lasts 5 or 6 hours on me, which, considering my dry skin, is good. I started with a tester of it and loved it enough to scour the internet for a reasonably priced 3.3 oz bottle. It definitely is the real deal, not watered down and smells just like the bon bon.
16th July 2010
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