Penhaligon's (2002)

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Reviews of Artemisia by Penhaligon's

There are 22 reviews of Artemisia by Penhaligon's.

I get absolutely nothing fruity or floral from this scent. After a hint of green and herbal/medicinal in the very beginning, it turns into something powdery and vaguely vanilla, and stays that way. It is very close to the skin, thus making it an appropriate work or yoga class scent. Nice enough, won't buy a full bottle.

As an aside, I've had two different sampler bottles form Penhaligon's, both with the very cute little stoppers--both of the stoppers have broken off still half in the bottle, making it nearly impossible to finish the sample. I managed with one, but not the other.
Aug 30, 2019

The opening is a very positive medical and clean scent, which goes to light and powdery floral when it settles. I like it a lot, but it could be stronger.
Mar 14, 2019

The opening is a sweet, peachy, fruity blast that is counterbalanced to some extent by a green undertone.

In the drydown the core note arises: a vanilla that is not badly executed, but is nothing special either. A bunch of florals gradually grows in strength, spearheaded but a strong muguet impression and a good touch of violet. A fruity side comes and goes, as is a discrete impression of Chinese tea.

With time this composition turns increasingly powdery. This is not a traditional crusty boudoir-dowager powderiness, but a slimmer and more contemporaneous type.

The base attempts to add a woodsy undertone and an attempt at some oakmoss grounding, but not particularly successfully due to their overly generic character.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

Not without original ideas, this spring scent is lacking sone structure to convince, but its main drawback is the synthetic and often generic nature of its ingredients. 2.75/5.
Jan 16, 2019

I get why some people say this is boring. But it's in the same way that a clear, blue sky is boring, i.e. calm and beautiful!
Oct 11, 2017

Vague but strangely meaty floral doused in rubbery vanilla and the monochord that goes by the name of white musk. While the floral profile is diffuse (blame the violet) there is a curiously padded quality to this perfume, the flesh of a cactus or the stuffing of a cushion translated into olfactory experience. The centre coheres like dough and I am reminded of certain iris accords, so tiny punctuating hints of something sharper reminiscent of immortelle helps.
A head-scratcher for me – a perfume that smells nothing like the plant it is named after, soft and musky but also thick as paste, and with an undefined cosmetics-meet-talced-latex sweetness about it. I really don’t know why it isn’t unwearable. Instead it is one of those perfumes that settles quite comfortably into a background hum to the day’s activities.
Aug 27, 2017

Artemisia is powdery, lightly floral, woody and clean. All qualities feel like they have a warmth to them as well. It teeters between natural and man-made (the word "synthetic" suggests a sharpness and this doesn't have that, it's very soft).

This gives me two distinct impressions:
1. Going for a nature walk on a warm, yet slightly humid Spring day.
2. A woman that has recently stepped out of the shower, applied body powder and is now styling her hair.
It could read either way to me, although I'd say it leans a little more to 2 because of the quality that reads "clean" (musk).

Sillage is soft, at less than arms length (this was applied from a dauber and not a spray) and longevity is about 4-6 hours on dry skin in a dry climate. Good for Spring or Fall daytime wear.

Very pretty fragrance with a soft spoken beauty. Will certainly be appreciated by admirers of subtlety.
Dec 5, 2016

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