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There are 25 reviews of Arso by Profumum.

Autumn ablaze. Dead leaves, dry woods, and a glass of whisky as you watch it all burn...
Oct 25, 2021

Arso was recommended to me by many Basenoter's when I asked for a good pine heavy fragrance.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't call this a pine fragrance, as much as it is just a resinous and sweet one. The opening burst of pine is fantastic, about as good as it gets, green, earthy, realistic, a little smokey. The smokiness was from something else though; something that caught me off guard.. something I wasn't prepared for. This uber sticky sweet note. It reminded me of the sugary green note in Imaginary authors Saint Julep. It was kind of like a burnt sugar meets burnt rubber, meets celery. It was a green, dirty-ish, burnt rubber, incense driven accord. I'd even go as far as to call it nauseating. Once the sugary part of it wore off though, it presented itself as more resinous, and blended in better, much more smooth. Still though, nothing to write home about. Certainly nothing like the great Norne, which it has been compared to as well.. ya.. not even close. The base notes in this aren't much, just a softer lighter version of whatever that middle was, add in a little cedar, or maybe it was sandalwood. I've seen people say this one smells like turpentine. I've never smelled turpentine, so I can't say, but I can say that the majority of the life of this fragrance is quite unpleasant.
Jan 31, 2021

The sweet Fir Balsam note is to the fore, it is not a bad fragrance and as noted below there are echoes of Norne by Slumberhouse and Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors. However it is less raw than Norne, smoother and more perfume-y and lacks the interesting wild strawberry facet of Cape Heartache.
In fact it veers towards Cartier Declaration in its general sophistication, which in turn begins to approach Femininite du Bois to an uncomfortable degree - I say uncomfortable since whilst it might have seemed ok when it first appeared, the sweet cloying cedar-ionone-musk accord has invaded everywhere.
As Scent Detective notes below, asking for this product by name in English speaking shops might raise a few eyebrows. I am reminded of when I first went to university and a fellow chemist was telling me about a chemical body related to pyrrole, but with arsenic in place of the nitrogen, whose name was the cause of some amusement.
Leaving such irrelevant matters aside, I prefer Profumum's Olibanum which has a rather similar but slightly lighter odour, and an impeccably respectable name into the bargain.
Jul 21, 2020

Pine and sweet smoke, this is how I'd summarize the first hours. In the dry down it gets a bit sour, the sweetness goes down as well as the smoke and it's more focused on woods/pine.
May 23, 2019

Brief incense.
Tons of leather.
Underneath I find resin. Later, a dark warm mix of cedar and pine. Becomes smooth; leather returns, sueded.
Nov 11, 2018

What a treat! The burnt pine is very much in your face at first blast, and then shortly thereafter a pretty big wave of pepper and coriander. The irrepressible fir resin hangs in there really well, and sustains a woody note as the spices die down. Thereafter at hour 2 or so these undertake a transition to an unlisted sandalwood note with a sotto voce vetiver. My soul still belongs to Norne, but this is a more refined and less glutinous Arizona/Tucson from Olympic Orchids. Shares a few similarities to Tom Ford Vert d'Incens at times in muted tones. Like, TFVdI at its boldest approaches Arso at its latest, wan, drydown phase.

Be Arsed for Arso!
May 22, 2018

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