Arsalan (ارسلان)  is Arabic for 'Lion' and based on the protagonist from the Persian epic "Amir Arsalan - e Namdar" (امیر ارسلان نامدار ) and the Japanese manga story which was adapted from Amir Arsalan, called "The Heroic Legend of Arslan".

Arsalan (ارسلان) fragrance notes

    • cambodian oud, thai oud, jasmine sambac, champaca, olibanum, turmeric, clove, caraway, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin seed, coriander seed, gardenia, opoponax, saffron, sandalwood, patchouli, musk

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Rather not for the fainted hearts out there. First impression might get you literally wrong and you may assume it's a hardcore animalic. In fact, it's not. It's characteristic with one of the many facets of oud combined with another characteristic, indolic nature of jasmine. Deep drydown is resinous, woody and still spicy.

Very good longevity, sillage slightly over moderate. Quite a good one.
27th January 2023
Inspired by one of the most famous novels in Persian folklore ( Amir Arsalan-e Namdar).the story is about a young prince,who starts traveling around the world,who sees a picture of pretty princess,and who then has to confront fairies and demons in order to find her. first of all Prin is just beautiful.most of their perfumes are made with so much attention to details and with very long lasting ingredients.Arsalan was my last purchase of 2021.i've been wearing this fragrance when i am alone with myself relaxing, praying,and puts me in a positive frame of mind and makes me feel more connected to is not a scent for the candy boy smells.definitely for mature, confident individuals that wear fragrances to underscore their strong personality.not to create one.dark, melancholic,complex,animalic and mysterious.

The opening is animalic,really gorgeous with cumin.the cumin is rich and warm,it smells like sweaty skin on me.the cumin work wonders with cloves and is a real push-pull dynamic at work as the animalic quality is actually very dirty.but the whole composition comes together through of the inclusion of the resin, but also through a rich,woody base than carries both the sweet and the sweat in a great way.oud just a gives touch of secral atmosphere.apart from the fact that the oud quality is very good in this fragrance,the whole is the perfect interaction between the my nose the cambodian oud is more prominent than thailand. this fragrance has got his secret: "too much love will kill you!" Yes,it is pretty easy to overdose, maximum 2 sprays each time you see this lovely monster.i would only wear this with a black suit.i love it.i absolutely love it.
1st January 2022

One of my favorites from Prin, Arsalan is a slow moving expansion of fragrance through all the notes listed, each taking their turn as the dominant aspect of this beautiful sphere of scent. It seems to constantly change aromas depending on what hour of its evolution you happen onto it. Arsalan opens with a deep dark oud + incense aroma that is very regal, mature and masculine. At this point I am happy, but it keeps getting better. Slowly the higher notes of cinnamon, cardamom, saffron,and patchouli reveal themselves onto a high pitched musk base. Arsalan is an impressive oud perfume that recreates two classic but different oud oil scents by opening with an elegant smooth rich Cambodian Oud which has wood notes and resolving with a high tuned Indonesian style of oud similar to the mostly extinct Borneo oud that was popular twenty years ago. Longevity of Arsalan is limited to about 6 hours but it is impressive. This is a regal and distinctive blended oud perfume creation - one of the best from Prin Lomros.
16th January 2021