Armani Privé Rouge Malachite fragrance notes

    • tuberose, spices, woods, amber

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Latest Reviews of Armani Privé Rouge Malachite

This is tuberose done right. Rouge Malachite for me is an utter masterpiece. It really gives me a feeling that goes beyond a scent that is pleasant to smell. It makes me feel sexy/sensual, and confident. It has a bit of a tropical vibe to it, but I honestly would have no problem wearing this all year. It is sweet and warm, and really just beautiful in every way. It’s probably more of an evening fragrance, but again, for me personally, I love it so much I will just wear it anytime/anyplace!
18th April 2022
A very nice tuberose scent, but as a man I simply cannot wear it, it screams femininity. Would be stunning on the right women. Thumbs up
20th February 2020

Most of the reviews mention a dominant tuberose here, but I don't get that at all. What I do get is a classically ambery floriental similar in style to YSL's Cinema, but like their Supreme Bouquet, this is strikingly similar to Alien Essence Absolue. Once I make this association, I don't notice anything except the same blend of heliotrope, jasmine & amber. Three hours in this accord fades close to the skin, but there are still traces after thirteen hours, & I get the odd whiff of soapy laundry musk many hours later.
This simply makes me realise what a great fragrance Essence Absolue is, & that there's no need to go chasing after very expensive fragrances that smell pretty much the same.
5th December 2018
Stunning and empowering... Absolutely phenomenal! Head turner for sure.
Rich, sultry, and down right sexy... Tuberose and Amber heaven.


4th April 2018
Before beginning I just need to admit that I am a complete and willing slave to the Armani Prive line. With only 2 exceptions (Rose Alexandrie & La Femme Blue) I own and adore the entire collection. So please read the following 'review' with that prejudice in mind.

Despite my love of Armani Prive, it was with some trepidation that I approached Rouge Malachite as tuberose is not a note that I usually enjoy. There's usually something fleshy and (almost) a bit rotten about the accord, like fruit that is just about to turn, or even in some extreme cases like a bodily musk.

In contrast Rouge Malachite is a very safe and restrained interpretation of tuberose. Like others have said before me, the rather sweet and very prominent amber base (which is actually present very early on) is the likely culprit keeping the usually somewhat offensive (at least to me) aspects of tuberose at bay. It's still very clearly a tuberose fragrance but for those of you like me who tend to shy away from tuberose, this very well might suit your taste for heady florals.

It's a somewhat simple fragrance and beyond the tuberose and amber there are only hints of jasmine and benzoin to be found. I couldn't detect any orange blossom or clary sage. There's maybe a hint of the pink pepper in the opening.

I don't find this (or Vert Malachite) to be particularly masculine or feminine and think that it clearly falls into the unisex category with ease.

Longevity is stellar at at least 11 to 12 hours and actually I can smell traces of it way after that. It doesn't scream out loud though and has respectable sillage and projection.

All that aside, I did purchase a bottle (let's be honest unless it was a stinker I was always going to add this to my collection!) and what a bottle it is. In person this very beautiful marbled red glass bottle appears as if it was made for and should only belong to royalty.
15th April 2016
Ah, tuberose. I wondered what the note was. Now I recognize its kind of rich, fleshy tone. I got a bit of pepper in the beginning, and a mineral note as well. Not my cup of tea but it is ok, gets rather sweet in the dry-down.
13th March 2016
A harmony of flowers, amber and a drop of benzoin that creates an encounter as the trail of an evening gown. This is a tuberose that everyone can wear as it doesent overpowering, it turns into a pleasant skin scent that will make you smile. Rouge Malachite is a spicy sophisticated tuberose/clary sage that is loghetr and easier than fabulous white floral scents. Unisex and character wearing this EDP, is romantic and mysterious but she is independent at the sametime. The quality is nice but nothing special as it is too expensive too. Sweet, floral, animalic, luxurious, strong yet smooth.

The top notes have a scratchy note of pink pepper which quickly fades, leaving the clary sage in a wisp of tuberose. The jasmine adds just a touch of honeyed indole with a hint of ylang ylang and orange blossom that fyrther contributes to the carnal effect. The sweet and comfortable amber base notes makes this smells like falling in a lustful love when sensuality overcomes and you must surrender to your passion. A warm perfume to wear winter evening. Totally if you love tuberose, clary sage and amber and a touch of old fashioned french perfumery this is for you.
5th March 2016