Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie  
Giorgio Armani (2010)

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Giorgio Armani
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Part of the "La Collection des Mille et une Nuits"

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Reviews of Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie by Giorgio Armani

There are 14 reviews of Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie by Giorgio Armani.

After waiting many months and travelling many miles I made my way to Toronto's Eaton Center looking to encounter this scent first hand at Nordstrom's only to find that they presented this scent under a glass in which you were to remove and breath in. Uhm OK but my sniffer isn't quiet as refined as many of the posters on this site ( and I really do thank all of you who take the time and effort to write such elegant posts) and I want to experience what this is like, on my skin, not chase chase a Genie's smoke entrails. Finally I did purchase a sample and it was to me a sublime sparkling rose with a lot of presence and staying power.
Feb 29, 2020

Maybe the oud rose seems played out, but this sexy little beast is undeniably begging for attention. It growls and seduces you to lean in and inhale again...harder. The saffron is first up as a quick intro and then the mesmerizing dance between the sweet floral rose and the resonant wood and amber. Those elements do an olfactory Cirque du Soleil for hours, enchanting your audience all day. Bravo Armani Prive!
Feb 16, 2019

Rose fragrances always make my nose itch. This one is so soft it doesn't. It's not weak... Just soft like silk. The wood and amber help to get this feeling. Very good !
Aug 4, 2017

Initially there is a brief burst of saffron. The rose then comes to the fore, together with a tempered accord of patchouli, oud, and amber. The amber is the dominant note in this accord, and only the barest smidgen of oud and patchouli are discernible. The rose note is bright and vivacious, but then fades away in the mid phase as the ambery-woody elements take centrestage. Unfortunately from this point onwards Rose d'Arabie becomes a snoozefest.

Rose d'Arabie eventually comes across as underwhelming and disappointing because of its shortcomings. In a crowded genre, Rose d'Arabie is nowhere near other rose-patchouli and rose-oud compositions such as Black Aoud, Portrait of a Lady, and Thirty-Three. Among similar fragrances, Noir de Noir or even Montale's Intense Cafe is a more worthwhile alternative.

Sillage is initially good before becoming subdued around the mid phase, and duration is average.

Mar 28, 2017

This is the first of the Armani Prive line that I've worn, and it is a superb mix of rose, patchouli, oud, and vanilla. What a harmonious blend. The rose figures in strongly from opening through its lifespan, with the patchouli and oud as a harmonious heart, with vanilla in the base that comes out a little more gradually in the dry down.

Longevity is great and projection is really superb--it's not as much of a room-filler as Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille or Noir de Noir, but I found it quite strong, contrary to some of the criticisms that the EDPs in the Armani Prive don't last.

The comparisons to Tom Ford Cafe Rose and Noir de Noir are warranted, as both have the Rose/sweet combo. I regard Rose D'Arabie as slightly closer to Cafe Rose due to the prominence of the patchouli, but both are worthy comparisons in area of higher-end, higher-concentrated rose fragrances. Yet Rose D'Arabia is different from Cafe Rose still due to the former's implementation of oud in pairing with the patchouli as opposed to Cafe Rose's pairing of coffee with patchouli.

I'm not an authority on rose, but have definitely found it to be one of my favorite notes, and this fragrance does it as well as any but Noir de Noir.

9 out of 10
May 22, 2015

Made me feel physically sick. Don't know whether it was the oud note but something in it gave me a colossal headache. Smells like an expensive pot pourri / incense stick from back in the day. Very linear, sickly and cloying. I do not understand the appeal of this genre of fragrance - you couldn't pay me to walk around smelling like a berry air freshener / room spray. Repulsive.
May 15, 2015

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