Armani Privé Iris Céladon 
Giorgio Armani (2017)

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Armani Privé Iris Céladon by Giorgio Armani

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Armani Privé Iris Céladon is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Giorgio Armani

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Reviews of Armani Privé Iris Céladon by Giorgio Armani

There are 8 reviews of Armani Privé Iris Céladon by Giorgio Armani.

Designer exclusives are always a mixed bag, but credit where credit is due, Iris Celadon is pretty lovely: a creamy, balsamic, cool patchouli and musk scent with a dark chocolate undertone and an iris/orris spine.

The iris here is buttery and earthy, more of supporting structure than the star.

Remember when Mugler tried to add violet to Angel? Didn't go so well. Same idea here, better execution.

No iris root in sight, but the idea of the flower (which doesn't have a smell, but violet is a close enough idea).

Strong (as in Opium strong) patchouli-musk with a touch of herbs & spice. Would have sold by the bucket in the 80's. The 100ml bottle should last a few lifetimes.

Iris Céladon is a glorified, magnified, mirror polished and modernized version of the most exquisite 1970's aftershave for Men ever produced. This is a one off masterpiece. I get strong vibes of Jovan's Oleg Cassini with it's potent hay notes, along with castoreum and patchouli... like a lot! It's that very deep muskiness that hits your nose just right and it's here in spades. It's beyond me how this effect is being created here because this musk is so natural and animalic in feel. In so many words, this shit smells legit. I'm guessing that it's mainly ambrette seed because this is a L'Oreal product after all so the musks in this are probably synthetics but damn, what a good job!

This is one of the first things that I had associated with this scent. Not in the sense that it smells like the Jovan because it does not, but in the sense that this creates flawlessly that feeling. An old school, deep, hard, über masculine, overtly musky, thick and heavy 70's patch laden with monstrous sillage, Man scent.

My hat is off to this perfumer for recreating 'perfectly' and totally niche, an absurdly strong aftershave splash from 40 years ago filled to the brim with strong, repelling musks that's represent black musk, a deep dark patchouli and that unmistakable manly, musky yesteryear aftershave goodness that's completely out of place this day in age. This is by far a stunningly beautiful perfume that I personally can't find a time or place to wear. Not that I don't like this cause I do considerably, but it's harsh, and very textured, and super strong while simultaneously having a slightly musty vibe that's apparent for the entire duration and 'retro', very retro old school. It's a wild scent.

I don't understand how this is an iris based scent because iris or orris butter, whichever is actually being used here is only apparent for the first hour until the entire composition shifts suddenly into a patchouli dust/dirt bomb bathed in a thick, heavy musk that recreates a strong effect of feeling or smelling 'dirty'. This is a heavy, dusty and dirty perfume. Kinda rough and kinda harsh. It's not a particularly smooth scent per se. The only other scent that I've experienced that creates this same effect is Etienne Aigner's Free Life that focuses around patchouli, lavander, musk and oakmoss. It gives you the overall feeling of a very dirty patchouli, not 'dirt', dirty, unwashed, sweaty/musky in need of a bath. Honestly, if directly after bathing and smelling, feeling nice and fresh soapy clean, apply some Iris Céladon and within and hour you'll feel gross. Excellent smell but I'm just not keen on feeling dirty. This doesn't make you smell dirty, you will feel dirty.

This is an 'incredibly' dusty and dirty perfume. So dusty that for me at least, after a few hours I feel like my mucous membranes are being thoroughly punished, almost in the sense that when I smell the perfume, it's so thick that it feels like it sucks the air clean out of my lungs. The sillage on this while wearing it is kinda obnoxious and I only applied '2' small spritzes. The dustiness reminds me strongly of late 70's-80's perfumes that are chocked to the hilt with powdery, dusty oakmoss, musk, resins like tolu balsam that have huge sillage.

This is a patchouli perfume through and through and should really be the very first voted note followed by musk, ambrette seed and then chocolate. It's very neat but super hard to wear. It's very strong and projects like crazy for endless hours. I'm quite confused on others commenting that this is weak stuff because it is not. It's kinda relentless in it's delivery of sillage. Easily a 6 foot radius if not more.

The overall impression is that of noir, darkness, mysterious but very aftershave like in it's final delivery so if you're smitten on musky aftershaves, Iris Céladon is your bag.

By the way, there's absolutely nothing feminine about this mix. I could never picture this on a lady. This was designed for a mature, handsome man's man and as mentioned before, this is a black perfume but my God it's a tough one. I will firmly say that a drop or two will suffice, not even kidding because this atomized is nuclear, like for forever. 'Easily' will survive washings, showers and soap. This is unnecessarily long lasting.

My final word... I truly love this, it's a crazy and ridiculous scent. It's wearable but in tiny, tiny quantities. Please heed warning to that. This perfume is a beastoid and over-appliers I can see seriously pissing people off around them 'but', a few drops it's sexy.

Armani Prive Iris Celadon is a nice, classy unisex iris scent, a mix primarily laden with cardamom, musk, patchouli, and bergamot. Slightly spicy, fresh, and sweet, it leans mostly to the powdery iris without being overwhelmingly powdery.

It has an air of sophistication and, like Armani Prive New York, seasonal versatility. It doesn't really strike me as a scent too weak for winter or too heavy for summer. Like New York, it leans slightly feminine but is quite unisex, and performance is good. Unlike New York, its pricing is very much in line with the rest of the line at $270 for 100ml.

Very good but a "like" not a "love" for me, overall. Still, a recommended try from this line, show the range of Prive.

7 out of 10

Very nice, elegant look at Iris. It is tucked neatly in the heart. Working with the Ambrette it seems an accord of doughiness peeks through. The Mate identified as a scrubbed up Patchouli. A good pick if I didn't have the beautiful Au Dela Narcisse pardon me Feu Secret and elegant Luciano Pavarotti side by side.

Buttery iris with a full dose of patchouli and a dusty/bitter/dry tea note. It doesn't really change throughout its life, only becomes closer to the skin. It's smooth and soft, overall an interesting take on iris and unique in my view.

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