Armani Privé Cuir Noir 
Giorgio Armani (2012)

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Part of the "La Collection des Mille et une Nuits"

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Reviews of Armani Privé Cuir Noir by Giorgio Armani

There are 12 reviews of Armani Privé Cuir Noir by Giorgio Armani.

Sweet, soft, powdery vanilla, and leather. Maybe a little iris? Smells really nice for male or female wearers. It is kinda seductive and sexy, feels best for nighttime or dates. The rose and oud are barely there, so if that's a combo that usually turns you off as it does me, this one may work for you.

Low projection but does last all day.
Oct 19, 2020

Armani's Cuir Noir may be a little too familiar to those who have already thoroughly investigated the rose/oud family of fragrances. For those new to that style of scent, its definitely one to try out before purchasing, as a dark rose/oud/leather scent is not for everyone. I happen to love it. And thankfully, so do those I know who have smelled it.

For me, the leather is not that up front. I can detect it, but only because I am searching for it. It's not one I would recommend for someone really wanting leather as a prominent note. I mention that, because the name of the fragrance would suggest it is a black leather fragrance. However, regardless of name, the fine blending of bulgarian rose, leather, wood and vanilla, work for me.

I loved it at first try and bought the full bottle. It smells of quality, though the price is on the high side. Worn with the right style, it comes across as opulent and interesting.

In terms of longevity, I have no issues with it. This is the kind of fragrance that I would not want to project for long. In that respect, I find it perfect and wearable on more occasions; night or formal wear being the most suitable.

Keep in mind that, some fragrances seem to disappear for some wearers, even though others can still smell it off them many hours later. I tend to believe that a fragrance such as this can even be worn casually with a light application due to its discreet projection. A hint of Cuir Noir is classy, and you should still have that 6 - 8 hours later.
Aug 12, 2017

this should be named Rip Off De Cuir, lasts half an hour and has no sillage at all!
Jul 27, 2016

Armani's Cuir Noir in the Prive line is a leather/vanilla combination that while pleasant, as these main notes play off of one another, is not terribly unique. There's a hint of oud, as well, but it's mostly a leather/vanilla pairing that I could see being a crowd-pleaser, as it's unoffensive, but it isn't particularly special. It starts out heavier on the leather and oud and dries down more heavily on the vanilla.

Its name is apparently, as Cuir Noir lends itself to the night use--dates, parties, etc.--not something to be worn casually or during the day. Usage-wise, then, it lends formal, and it makes for a good option in that respect. However, it's difficult to justify the cost (nearly $300) when the uniqueness is limited, and the performance is decent but not strong for an EDP, especially of this price, though it is less than $200 on BeautySpin. The only Prive line I've purchased is Rose d'Arabie, which I regarded as far more special and unique, though I'm told Myrrh Imperiale and Oud Royal are both strong entries.

Cuir Noir merits trying, since this could certainly be the signature night scent of many men. Even women might enjoy it, given that the leather and oud are softened greatly (and overtaken in the dry down) by the vanilla.

7 out of 10
Dec 16, 2015

I'm sure this smells novel to western noses, but this is a fragrance panning to the Middle Eastern market, and that's where I am right now. Everyone and their brother is doing this kind of smokey, rosey, oud fragrance, and Armani fails to one up the local competition. To me, they all smell bad.

The problem, I believe, is in the "leather". It lacks the inkiness of isoquinolines and the butch smokiness of birch tar. Instead, it uses some kind of synthetic that is everywhere nowadays, standing in for the old leather materials.* Whatever it is, it is harsh and abrasive and physically painful to smell. Some local mixes must use the stuff straight, based on the sillage of passers-by.

No, this one is a dud, despite the luxurious iris.

* For further examples of this hideous material, see Guerlain's Santal Royal and L'Homme Ideal, YSL Opium Black, and Amouage Sunshine.

Can nothing save our noses?
Jan 3, 2015

Really dark....., literally. The Armani Prive Cuir Noir's introduction is a mystic resinous entrance in a tunnel of woodsy darkness and mystery. The sin is lurking, a phantasmagoric dame could kidnap you till the flush of dawn (or may be forever). I detect a huge amount of cipriol oil, birch tar, saffron (and sweet spices), woodsy resins in general (agarwood in particular), probably cistus, dark patchouli, amber (red berries too??) and seasoned woods. This opening conjures me more than vaguely the Piguet Bois Noir's initial phase since the woodsy aromatic notes are still dominant and the dark leather barely starts jumping up. In a while the velvety-luxurious oriental "side of the moon" starts disclosing its substance and a quite silky accord of spices, floral notes (undistinguished) and (really silky) leather takes the stage as an hurban-glamour foreshortening of the metropolitan (blue-violet-red) night. Yes, oriental and western-metropolitan all at once. The oudh synthetic gassiness is still there but under the limits and the stark woodiness seems not to stand out as happening in Piguet Bois Noir (resins, dark amber, benzoin and leather are in here prominent). Actually a wonderful dark ambergris envelops spices, resins and leather in a mysterious-chic and uncompromisingly lush warm final embrace. Not a great evolution but hight level of exotic-opulent elegance. The quintessential scent of the urban licentious dodgy suburbia's night.
Nov 3, 2014

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