Armani Privé Cèdre Olympe 
Giorgio Armani (2009)

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Reviews of Armani Privé Cèdre Olympe by Giorgio Armani

Like odysseum I find this to be a truly lovely scent; although I find it to be anything but gentle.

I've been testing this now for about two weeks trying to decide between purchasing this or Vetiver Babylone which has a similar citrus/woody vibe; albeit much sweeter. Ultimately I made the plunge on a full bottle of Cèdre Olympe. I find this to be a far more interesting and certainly longer lasting and more powerful. For me the cedar note is quite a bit stronger than the citrus but the pungent lemon tree leaves still make quite an impact. This really is a wonderful combination of strong fresh citrus and an earthy cedar with a dash of pine.

While it's listed as unisex, I think this might be a bit cedar heavy for the ladies (not that there's anything wrong with ladies who wish to smell like cedar!).

Big thumbs up!
May 14, 2013

Revised review
This is a lovely scent, I like it a lot. The opening has great citrus notes. The bitter orange and bergamot are detectable and distinct, and together make a complex, spicy chord. The lemon tree leaves add an interesting note, sort of plump, green-leaf and intriguing. There are hints of conifer and wood, freshness and brown bark. The dry-down is commendable as it retains all of these elements and puts them into a gentle, smooth, suave package. At times there is a slight soapy aspect which I like. Very enjoyable to wear.
I'm sad to report that this gem has been discontinued.

Nov 9, 2012

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