Armani Privé Ambre Soie 
Giorgio Armani (2004)

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Giorgio Armani fragrances are renound for their mass-appeal. At the time of writing, Acqua di Gio pour Homme is the number one men's fragrance in the world, and as a fragrance brand, Armani is ranked three in the world.  So it seems a little off-kilter for Giorgio Armani to launch a range of four ‘luxury' scents, not designed to appeal to everyone, subject to a strictly limited distribution and, dare I say it, going a bit niche on us.  Each fragrance is encased in a glass-lined wooden (African Kotibe wood) container, with a pebble-like cap. The fragrances aren't designed to be masculine, nor feminine and will sit on both men's and women's fragrance counters.

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Reviews of Armani Privé Ambre Soie by Giorgio Armani

There are 21 reviews of Armani Privé Ambre Soie by Giorgio Armani.

This is basically the perfume version of Glosette Raisins, and is genius because of it. Somehow the perfumer worked a magical trick of using the heaviest of materials, but making them light as a feather.

Not your average amber - more of an intelectual amber from the imagination of someone who thinks outside the box. If you want the tradition amber, MPG and Lutens have you covered. If you want an over-achiever, Ambre Russe is great. Ambre Soie, on the other hand, is more than an amber, it's a transparent, anise-infused oriental with dark chocolate patchouli and fruity resins.

A genius work, and something I willingly paid full price for. No regrets. Sadly discontinued, so grab it when you see it.
Jul 14, 2018

This begins for me as a dark, bitter amber, which after ten minutes lightens to let in the gourmand chocolate effect, enhanced by the three spices (ginger, clover, cinnamon).

There is an oud-like bitterness that may be a raw patchouli. It dries down to a dusty, old incense vibe, as if one entered a monastery on a hot August day, months since any incense had been used, but catching the smoke-drenched tapestries in the sun.

I find it rather unpleasant.

I love the use of amber in hundreds of other scents, but find its use here creating a minimalist effect that is off-putting.

It wears close to the skin and that is a good thing.
Jan 28, 2016

A pleasant spicy-sweet oriental, Ambre Soie opens with a blast but quickly fades to a whisper. Like most other Armani Privés, it starts off as very heavy and complex, but (unlike the others) this one seems to almost wear itself out in its initial full-force scream, all too soon turning back on itself to, surprisingly quickly, almost disappear. The scent itself is pleasant enough – a gorgeous amber with spices (cloves, pepper), a fair bit of patchouli, a dusty cocoa-like element, and a very interesting anise note. However, I get considerably more chocolate than amber from this, and it is precisely the anise and its dynamic interference with the main theme that finally saves Ambre Soie from becoming simply cloying and too much. Overall development is limited and remarkably linear. The result is a good safe scent with an interesting composition and very easy wearability.
In many ways, I consider it one of the best Armani Privés primarily because it manages to avoid becoming too oppressively heavy and pompous, an unfortunate problem that I think haunts too many fragrances in that particular line. However, given its steep price point and limited development and longevity, I find Ambre Soie ultimately rather uninspiring and quite far away from the truly great ambers out there (like Ambre Préciuex, Ambra Mediterranea, Ambre Fétiche, Ambre Nuit, Ambre Russe, etc.).

Note: This review is based on the original 50 ml version in the wooden box packaging, not the current 100 ml glass bottle. I am not aware if any reformulations were introduced along with the packaging redesign.
Jun 23, 2014

On my skin this develops into an unusually light and bright ginger with amber, with a spicy patchouli added; later cloves round it off. The amber is in the foreground but the other notes blend in and do so very well. Smooth, neither harsh nor dark, with good silage and projection and six hours of longevity. Great on a sunnier autumn day, this is one of GA's best.
Jan 12, 2014

the longer i have this one, the more i really appreciate it. it seemed quite simple & linear at first but repeated wearings (across all seasons) have slowly revealed a very subtle yet complex interaction of amber, anise & patchouli. very classy, low-key and cozy as hell. it's a very different patchouli than 1834, closer to coromandel with all edges gone. it's extremely well made and i love this subtle/minimalist take on these notes. true, longevity is on the short side, but spraying fabric is the answer there. lovely juice!
Apr 29, 2013

Yep. Amber all the way through but too meek. Almost apologetic. Spices up top, particuarly anise and patchouli coming through in the dry down but this is the second from the Privé collection where I have been underwhelmed by the staying power of the juice. Three hours and it's gone.
Mar 26, 2013

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