Armani Mania for Women 
Giorgio Armani (2004)

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Armani Mania Woman was launched in 2004 as a partner to the men's scent. Not to be confused with 1999's Mania by Armani – a completely different scent.

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Reviews of Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

There are 19 reviews of Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani.

This perfume vaguely reminds me of Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori, except it smells more like orange and less like that annoying pineapple note, or whatever it is that I don't like in Hanae Mori. In any case, I adore this perfume and would seriously consider making it my new signature scent. I highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of fruity-floral-gourmand scents. This is definitely one of the best perfumes of that genre that I've smelled so far. There is really nothing about this that I dislike. Mania for Women gets a big thumbs up from me!
Oct 22, 2011

Armani Mania is a pretty yet fairly subdued fragrance. This fragrance is the opposite of mania, I find this scent to be rather soothing and peaceful.

Casting aside the unbefitting name, Armani Mania has some real likable qualities. The scent is very natural and I find it to compliment the skin beautifully. It has an almost creamy-like feel which is somewhat milky and soft.

All the notes are quite lush, however neither one dominates over the other. I don't get much of the citrus/fruity notes nor the herbs or spices. The pink pepper lingers delicately in the background providing only a subtle hint of spiciness.

The floral notes are gorgeous and feminine, they are what makes this fragrance so desirable and warm. The woodsy notes are nicely composed, with the vanilla maintaining the creaminess until the scent disappears.

Overall, the scent strength and sillage are very good and the fragrance itself quite inoffensive. Armani Mania would be very versatile, making it easily adaptable to changes in weather and different occasions. I recommend.

Jun 15, 2011

This is a very boring perfume. I get lots of musk and woodsy notes, but nothing descript. I also pick up on some incense, but not impressive. I almost think this is more "masculine" than "feminine" I do not get any bit of orange.
Apr 14, 2011

Ive smelled perfume like this far too many times. Its smells generic, nondescript, and painfully boring. Its like the smell of a perfume shop after every perfume has been spritzed into the air, sort of a conglomeration of scents. I cant seem to pick out a note. It smells like perfume for the sake of perfume. No heart, No soul.
Mar 21, 2011

How did they manage to mix peppery with clean and floral and make it smell GOOD??? Maybe that's why it is called "Mania"? (I would have named it "Bipolar.")
Jun 15, 2010

The attempt at mixed spices is valiant, but it is destroyed by a double dose of black currant and mismatched florals. I never experience any of the supposed base accords on the drydown except synthetic vanilla. If there are woods in Mania for Women, I can't find them.
May 24, 2009

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