Giorgio Armani's original men's fragrance.

Armani Eau pour Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tangerine, lemon, basil
  • Heart

    • lavender, clove
  • Base

    • sandalwood, oakmoss

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It opens with a very natural smelling blend of citrus fruits, lavender, and cloves. Some sandalwood and oakmoss appear in the soapy dry-down.

I'm far from the biggest fan of citrus bombs, but this aromatic is high quality, classy, and has depth. You can forget about getting anywhere close to this level with cheapies such as Victor or Aqua di Selva.

This Cosmair era bottle has higher concentration and projects well for the first hour and a half, and lasts about 5 hours on my skin, which isn't great, but twice as long as I get from the last formulation.

Masculinity Level: Sharply dressed Marcello Mastroianni on hot day in Rome.
21st May 2023
Very crisp greenish citrus chased by smooth and balmy woods. Instantly recognisable and the only Armani fragrance worth the price.

Not very wearable though. Seems tailored to dry, hot climates. On a cool day it sticks out like a Stetson at a bar mitzvah.
10th March 2022

Citrus Chypre this is and worthy cut price copy of Nicolai New York about 70% similar with good projection but slightly less longevity, I doubt I will buy another New York and will stick to the Intense which has a very smooth woody dry down.
Well done Armani!
A classic relevant to the present day. FBW.

17th September 2021
Armani Eau Pour Homme (1984) is a late arrival–but absolute peer–to an elite group of citrus Chypres starting with Chanel's 1955 Pour Monsieur and including Monsieur Givenchy, YSL Pour Homme, Capucci Pour Homme, among others. Le Galion's Whip (1953) should be included in this august company as well. Armani Pour Homme is a soapy, fresh scent that is clean and elegant; it is fresh and light yet the Sandalwood and Oak Moss in its base give it some real heft. I first smelled it in 1985 when I bought a bottle of Ralph Lauren's Monogram which had just come out. The sales woman at Bullock's put a mini of the Armani in the bag. When I got home I discovered it, gave it a try and instantly wished I had bought it instead of Monogram. Just as the Ralph Lauren scent completely synced with that brand's image, Armani Eau Pour Homme perfectly represents the pared down luxury that Armani is known for. As a complete aside, I remember an article in the London Times in the early 1990s in which Norman Lamont, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, claimed that he was addicted to Armani Eau Pour Homme. He has good taste!
26th July 2020
For me, this is a very formal scent. It's nearly perfect in a business setting, or whenever you're wearing a suit. Classy and high quality. That said, the top notes are so astringent that I can find the initial effect off-putting. Lemon ad nauseam. But the drydown comes quickly and the mid and basenotes are more rounded, with clove and soapy woods. Is it as good as Chanel Pour Monsieur? Personally, I don't think so. But it's still very good, and similar to Dior's Eau Sauvage without the cabbage-y accord near the skin that I don't much care for in that scent. And contrary to what many have said, this has excellent longevity on my skin. It lasts all day and smells very masculine. It's a very present scent, similar to Aramis. The two fragrances are entirely different, but come from the same generation of chypres. Others will notice this scent and remark appreciatively. When I wear it, I catch myself getting wafts of the scent even late in the day and loving it. A true gem.
6th March 2020
Almost a neutral, and solely for the strength. Which is terrible. And I sought out a vintage bottle.

However, the scent itself is fabulous! Soapy-ish, but not powdery. Lemony, but not abrasive. Spicy, but tame. Clove is listed, but dialed way back.

This is very classy, very office friendly, and very versatile. Quality juice, just needs some oomph behind it.
3rd January 2020
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