Armani Eau de Nuit fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • nutmeg, cardamom, iris, heliotrope
  • Base

    • cedar, tonka, amber

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Latest Reviews of Armani Eau de Nuit

This smells like Armani Code, a little big stronger though. unfortunately the strength is coming from Norlimbanol & Ambroxan, both very apparent in its dry down. The cedar-smelling heavy dry down is likely played out by the aromachemical Norlimbanol.

Over all it's boring, with sort of lackluster performance, considering it has so many chemicals meant to prolong the longevity.
16th August 2019
A nice nighttime oriental scent. Armani Eau de Nuit doesn't feel altogether ground-breaking, however that doesn't IMO detract from its pleasant, calming quality.
Plus, this is the clear foundation upon which it's younger brother, Eau de Nuit Oud, lays its claim: Both are quite similiar, save for the oud mystique and different flowers.

Eau de Nuit defies the loud beast-mode outings that seem to be in Armani's current lineup. It is an intimate outing type scent, giving the requisite sweet-spicy-woody quality. I think that this particular scent could have had its own "intense" or "extreme" version with some level of success, if it had a creamier, more intense woodiness and layered spiciness compared to this EdT. As it were, Armani elected to build a different sort of flanker based on oud upon Eau de Nuit.

Not revolutionary, but it is great and in no ways cloying to experience.
5th August 2018

this fragrance smells a little bit like Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille at first, but the mid note and base note is more woody and manlier.
longevity and silage are quite good, but the scent is not creative imo
9th May 2017
I bought this on a whim one day while walking through a department store. We were in a hurry so I didn't get a chance to walk around with it prior to purchasing - or I wouldn't have wound up purchasing it.

It initially reminded me of the beloved and discontinued Gucci Pour Homme so I purchased it right after a couple of sprays to the wrist. Unfortunately, at least on me, the fragrance is pretty much gone after only a couple of hours. It's a nice tonka-heavy scent if you're only going to wear it for an hour or two, but if you're looking for anything past that, then either pass on this or be ready to reapply frequently.
28th February 2017
I really enjoy this one. A more crowd-pleasing version of DH or DHI, well, at least the crowd outside of Basenotes. More fresh and clean at the beginning and then sweet and woodsy in the drydown. Performance is above average as it seems to last for hours without choking the room. Should be versatile for day or night in cooler weather.
5th March 2016
Tried this on yesterday for the first time,
Extremely pleasant and appealing..
Cant see why the negative/non positive reviews here, I would easily wear this as a signature cologne.
Cant really go wrong with anything from GA, apart from Code (not a big fan).
I tend to like this as its not powerful or soft, sits just about right, ingredients are perfectly balancing in harmony together to give a nice clean scent.

7th September 2015
Halfway Paul Smith Man and Dior Homme, a sort of spicy-dusty “grey” iris-tonka fragrance loaded with synthetic amber nuances, a ton of cheap soapy musk (you'll get it all on the drydown) and a hint of smoke. Clearly similar to Dior Homme – the kind of “similar” connecting a counterfeit PU leather replica of a Hermès Birkin bag to the original one. A strong will to be content with very little, a bit of imagination and really low pretenses can make the purchase worthy. The same here; Eau de Nuit smells heavily and almost annoyingly cheap and not exactly “inspired” from the point of view of the creativity... but well, it works somehow, especially since the prices seem quite low. It's warm, slightly sweet, dark but gentle, a resemblance with the drydown of Body Kouros pops out on the drydown. *Indifferent shrug*.

27th June 2015
In my opinion two new fragrances by GA in 2013 both are without innovator. first Eau Pour homme that is like old version and this one Eau de Nuit is so familiar for me.not a bad quality a product,not a bad scent,very Nice and well-balanced composition.soft, charming,cute,warm, comfortable and sweet.

Blending top notes of bergamot and pink pepper with a sensual and masculine heart of nutmeg, cardamom and iris. amber.cedar and tonka bean make up Eau de Nuit base.In fact it is calm and elegant with lovely notes in the base for a touch of warm sensuality.

This EDT is not overpowering cloying or heavy as some orientals can be and this is the best characterestic it for me so if you like orintals but find some of them to be overwhelming,check this one out. suitable for cold weather. perfect for intimate occasions.totally if you are starting to make a collection this may be a great choice.
16th December 2014
Delight in the iconic Armani bottle(rendered super cool by the inky glass), but don't expect much after the atomiser has been deployed.

It is in essence a more expensive and muscular version of Cavalli Black. They share the same monochromatic early and middle phases, and it's as bleak and featureless an olfactory landscape as you will find anywhere. It is dry, peppery, and slightly spicy, but it lacks nuance, creativity and is rather predictable.

The light at the end of a seemingly interminable tunnel is the endearing dry down. It may be familiar, but the sweet tonka and amber finish is surprisingly robust, and plays well against the pinched dryness of the cedar.

The final couple of hours almost compensate for the preceding dreariness, but not quite.
24th June 2014
A slightly spicy bergamot gives way to a blandly synthetic cardomon, which develops into an ultra-generic drydown of wood and vanilla. The longevity of about three hours is not impressive either. One would expect better from GA.
21st April 2014
Well, Armani seems to think of itself as the ultimate fashion brand (what could be extended to its fragrance line)... It's the only reason to launch a super-ultra-overpriced fragrance with that kind of juice. Totally common, uninspired, bland scent. They must think everything launched under their trademark will be a success: It just needs a nice bottle.
Ok, I could rate it with a big "thumbs down", but It's not a bad fragrance. It's just common, non-original and overpriced.
The iris note could be translated as powder. Add a generic sweet smell, put some generic spice (probably pepper) and voilà: Eau de nuit. There's nothing new here. I got it as a gift and here's my advice: save your money! You can get closer scents for 1/3 the price: Banderas The secret, Silver shadow private and even D&G the one. I guess nobody will notice the difference if you use one of these instead of Nuit.
14th February 2014
I'm not thrilled, however the longer it stood on my skin, the more I started liking it. There is a certain vibe/connection with Dior Homme here, however far from that I'd say they're the same. Albeit the fact that Armani Eau de Nuit is not original at all, it is not completely without character. So, it's not strong or "strong" but it has something that lifts the eyebrow up in "interesting indeed, Watson" fashion. Initially I was sure it'll be weak but it showed in way it is a quite "determined" fragrance. My liking aside, unfortunately it is attrited even in a sense of marketing, but then again it is not bland. In one moment I agree it is unrefined, unfinished even, but then again everything is somehow here. Indeed it is also quite artificial, unnatural, but then again what is natural these days?
Suma sumarum - quite solid, not for bashing around, however neither is it near for pedestaling. (13.07.2013.)
5th January 2014