Reviews of Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani

I've had a lot of fragrances just like this one, some better, some worse. This is pretty mediocre, all things considered, at a high-end designer price. I think the primary difference is that while others of all price ranges (Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Together, Paco Rabanne 1 Million come to mind) tend to be brighter and louder, Armani Code Profumo is more laid-back and chilled out. For some this hits the sweet (pun intended) spot. It's a pass for me.
10th May 2022
Powdery tonka, hints of aromatic lavender and spicy (somewhat peppery-cinnamonic) amber provide a piquant "dusty" masculine trait while a sort of citric caramellous fruitinness elicits that sort of bubblegum sweetness of which several reviewers are talking about. Drydown smells slightly powdery/sugary (with a synth mandarine-tone) with hints of kind of "pencil-shavings" woods, vanilla and leather. Strong longevity and projection on my skin. A dynamic modern juice which could work either as signature office choice or as a night out olfactory solution. Yes, an exceedingly synthetic laboratory-creation, finally somewhat linear and in line with many spicy/sweet woody-leathery modern creations (Mont Blanc Legend Night or CH Men Privé Carolina Herrera to quote several).
9th January 2021

The best winter gourmand in existence.

Not sure why people rate based on how sweet & heavy a scent is- you know once winter comes your scents should be sweet to punch through the cold right? Shouldn't your rating be based on using it the season its intended for?

With that said this is an incredibly balanced, sophisticated, rich, luxurious, intoxicating, sweet, balanced, unique smell for the colder weather.

Think of the original code DNA mixed with chocolate powdered doughnuts. Think Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 1995 but instead of vanilla swap it out with chocolate. That is Armani Code Profumo!

I got a big 200ml bottle because this can virtually be used anywhere when it's cold; casual, work, dates, clubbing, it's that versatile. It's not loud like Ultra Male but not tame (and boring) like the original code.

It's fresh, chill, sophisticated, sexy, sweet, alluring, attention grabbing all in one. I am shocked this dna can pull off every occasion at once.

A true masterpiece!

23rd November 2020
Armani Code with a hefty dose of bubble gum. Uninspiring, and boring.
20th March 2020
I understand that if this is not your kind of just isn't,but I do love it. I feel like it's aimed at people that don't like the excessive sweetness of fragrances like One Million but don't want an excessively mature fragrance either, just somewhere in between, it smells amazing to me and I still got to find a woman that doesn't compliment this fragrance.
31st January 2020
Code Profumo is not the sophisticated, mature fragrance I was expecting (fragrance ads are just about the least informative thing in the world). It's a powdery clubbing scent for sure. Not as screechy as 1Million or other big names, but it's not something I've enjoyed either. Tonka is the note that leads the show, but everything I usually love about it is masked by powder and splenda. Pretty samey to be honest.
16th September 2019
Powdery Tonka sweet. This has that bubble gum feeling, filled out a bit with leather and pitched up with a background of mandarin. Smells good, I like it. Performance is good. Strong in longevity and projection, but somehow it feels kind of soft in texture. Would work well as a signature, set it and forget it fragrance.
7th September 2019
The opening is a powdery-sweet, dusty tonka bean, very vanilla+chocolate candy. This is quite similar to the original Code but feels smoother and better blended. Also, the drydown isn't as harsh and goes more woody-sweet and feels more modern.

Strong projection for the first 5-6 hours and then hangs around for 8-9 hours. Feels best for cooler weather, a bit too sweet and heavy.
16th July 2019
Watched a review and decided to jump on this one. Did not regret the purchase. A great scent for outdoors or in large areas if you are trying to garner attention. It smells very rich and blended. I would put this in the same as Victor and Rolf Spicebomb extreme family.
16th March 2019
Masculine+Sexy+Romantic+Sweet= Armani Code Profumo!!!!
31st January 2019
Still has the Code DNA, but the addition of the tonka bean creates a distinct Dr. Pepper vibe. It sounds odd I know but I absolutely love it.

It also sticks aroundfor an impressive length of time.
29th December 2018
Reminds me of Dr Pepper or Cherry Coke.

Not bad but nothing remarkable.
31st October 2018
Dr. Pepper + Baskin&Robbins' Jamoca= Code Profumo. Not a pathfinder but a lighthouse...a sleek yet voluptuous subtlety that pulls the heartstrings instead of assaulting the nostrils.
24th September 2018
This would be cool if it didn't have the rootbeer note.
30th May 2018
Less amped up version of the original Code and more of a tonka vanillaic bomb. not nuclear but close. Neutral for me because the subtly icy nature of Code is what I like and that aspect has been turned down here. Not a bad jus, but it just doesn't do it for me. Then again, I think masculine vanillas are hard to get right, and this is not quite right.
30th December 2017
Sexy! The amber and Tonka bean give that refined masculine trait while the mandarin lifts it and sets it off. Distinctive. Definitely one of my favorites on a man.
16th November 2017
A citrus fruit bowl - very much a laboratory fruit concoction - constitutes the top notes, a citrus that is not refreshing but expresses a sweet ripeness.

The drydown veers towarda the white floral for a while; on my skin the lavender - a rather bland version - stands out in the foreground as the development progresses with time.

The base focuses on one constituent: vanilla. Again: laboratory fruitiness, a dense, intense, relentless vanilla that sees this one through right to the end.

The performance is formidable: moderate sillage, excellent projection and a superb fourteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring composition is a laboratory chemist's delight. Intense - a Profumo indeed - exceedingly synthetic, very linear and ultra-generic. It is ok if that is the sort of fragrance you enjoy. Otherwise there is probably more natural raw material in the average lollipop. 2/5.
10th May 2017
The top notes have a very synthetic feel to them. Longevity is quite good and the base notes are pleasantly sweet and fragrant. I think it's one of those fragrances that smell better to the person who is not wearing it, a bit too overpowering for the wearer though. I wouldn't buy it again, the opening is too synthetic, was given to me as a gift so I'm not worried.
23rd February 2017
A BIG thumbs up on this one! I've always been interested in the "Code" series of scents from Armani; most of them haven't been too interesting to me.

But as of late, Armani's "Code Ultimate" and "Profumo" have really grabbed my fancy! Profumo is deep, very long lasting, intense, bold, masculine, and full of heart. The lavender is quite prominent, as are the Tonka and Amber. The result is a scent that projects and holds onto you with confidence, even after a long day's wear.

A top go-to scent for me! ;^>
20th December 2016
The mandarin / apple / cardamom opening comes across to me as synthetic, and, this being an Armani fragrance, I find that quite normal. And this synthetic opening is also rather enjoyable, which is also my usual experience with Armani fragrances. Armani advertises Code Profumo as “the new intensity” and I completely agree… Black Code was too memorably weak for me and this one is anything but subtle. Profumo is synthetic, sweet, and anonymously scented; it delivers a definite sillage; and it exhibits a decent longevity. I don't think of this as floral or fruity or spicy… this is again one of those conglomerate, aromatized- cardboard scents that I would say have reached their popularity peak about ten - fifteen years ago but are now a bit passé. But it's nice… If you enjoy this kind of fragrance, you could do worse.
19th December 2016
I love this, every time i wear it, i think dark caramel.

A must buy.
18th December 2016
Though I rate it at neutral, I will say it grew on me over a few wearings. The issue mainly is the sweetness, reminiscent of YSL intense or some other YSL scents, is too pronounced for me. I have never liked sweeter scents but I could see this being well liked by those who like YSL scents. Longevity and sillage were excellent.
20th November 2016
I get mainly a mildly spiced amber with a little bubblegum sweetness in there as well. Drydown gets slightly powdery like you would expect from a modern mens tonka and leather base. I really like sweet fragrances, and this is not over the top sweet at all IMHO. If you think this is super sweet, stay far away from CK Reveal or Ultra Male!

Still too hot here for a full wearing, but longevity seems well above average the times I've done a few sprays to my hand. It's a like, not love for me. Perhaps with a full wearing or two that will change. But as for right now, when I want a spicy-sweet bombastic amber frag..... I'll reach for Diesel's FFL Spirit.;)
17th September 2016
Vanilla and a coffee-like amber for the most part, introduced by a short-lived sparkling opening of mandarin, apple and cardamom. The olivewood DNA that permeates the Code line is not present here. A nice effort but I still prefer the original and last year's Turquoise flanker.
28th August 2016