Armani Code for Women 
Giorgio Armani (2006)

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Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

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Armani Code for Women is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Giorgio Armani

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Reviews of Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

There are 54 reviews of Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani.

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Later that day...

Armani Code Eau de Parfum Pour Femme

mothballed code

I never really smelled this one - not until last night, when actually wearing it from an old but very well-preserved sample. The Carlos Benaïm orange blossom dipped in honey *illusion* has a very calibrated sweetness - avoiding cotton candy excess which plagues so many fruity florals. There is just a touch of something I love - the "sexy mothball accord". Never mind that little bit of magic - it's just part of the psychological manipulation of perfume. You may interpret it somewhat differently. Or somewhat multiply. Welcome to participatory performance art which is actually a magic show which is actually Scentrix support code for the Matrix. Are you enjoying the show? Good. Your anonymous phone call says wear this one to bed, and wake up to the base, which may suddenly remind you of the powdery musk of the men's fragrance, yet more vanillic and less woody.


A "leisure" main synth accord of orangy jasmine, honey, woods and balsams. Code starts vibrant and fresh, somewhat vaguely earthy-herbal with a tad of citrus in order to flow quickly down towards something more voluptuos, softer, soapier/muskier and sweeter (smelling vaguely a la Dior Addict - but with no creaminess - with a tad of Elie Saab le Parfum). The juice smells about sophisticated honeyed orange plus sultry musky-hesperidic jasmine (synthetically chic and with a minimal tad of the Givenchy Very Irresistibile's icy-angular-cosmetic-vibe). This semi-oriental fragrance smells uncompromisingly feminine and modern while the sweetness is well calibrated imo. Best for winter nights out and seductive dates.

A sweet and fresh fruity floral that doesn't have anything to do with the masculine version. Not interesting enough. I would have loved the powder that's in the male counterpart. The cashmere flanker has some, but still very different. As a woman, I'd wear the masculine Armani code more eagerly than this. It cannot be given a thumbs down though.

Sweet orange in the top notes. With sone jasmine- not particularly unpleasant but very generic - dull it is.

White floral drydown - again not very unpleasant but again, apart from some nicer moments of orange blossom - very generic.

The base with its vanilla, honeyed sweetness - not cloying though - and touches of floral undertones - did I mention the word "generic"?

The performance is the main forte of this creation, with moderates sillage, very good projection and an excellent twelve hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring scent so clearly synthetic-chemical that ICI would have been proud of it. And, it is also not really a creative composition. Code blue - in an olfactory way. 1.75/5.

Thought it might be too sweet for me, but the sweet softens in the dry down and feels less screechy. There's also some slightly bitter brownish note - not sure what - that helps tamp down the sweetness.

Immediately, it smells as if you're dripping honey directly onto your skin. Intoxicating! The orange perfectly complements the vanilla and jasmine combo, and the ginger gives it just a little spiciness. This is an incredibly sweet fragrance, but not at all cloying - just sensually sweet. And mature, too - not in an 'old lady' way, but made for a woman oozing with confidence and sophistication. In my opinion, Armani Code is absolutely perfect for evening wear, casual daily wear, or even special occasions - making it a very versatile scent. A perfectly balanced blend.

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