Reviews of Armani Code Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani

A better take on the classic Code. A little spicier, a little sweeter. Better performance at least on my skin. The OG Armani Code was one of my favorites and this is definitely worth it if you are a fan of that fragrance. A remastered masterpiece .
13th November 2022
Armani Code EdP marks a lazy effort from the brand. This is the standard Code (which has a beautiful balance of lemony freshness with warm leather, vanilla and tonka), but the sweet notes turned up a few notches. Effectively it feels Code drowned in vanilla and tonka. The result is a pleasant but bland and uninteresting sweet-woody scent. Not any discernible improvement in sillage or longevity either, in fact this wears closer to skin.

20th December 2021

Armani Code Eau de Parfum is a sweeter/spicier/more soapy version of the original edt. An aromatic woody-oriental with lavender, musk, soapy cedarwood and prickly tonka bean at center of the village. Basically I'd say It is another kind of fragrance. The opening is a blast of fresh aromatic/musky lavender a la JPG Le Male (in a less minty vest) but with a darker twist and more citrus in the mix (orange in particular). Gradually a sort of bath foam-like (slightly talky) soapiness takes the stage with a role of protagonist. Lot of vanillic cedarwood, toasted (kind of vaguely smokey/peppery) tonka bean and muskiness with a great intake from aromatics. The juice itself is a sort of Ideal blend of the old Armani Black Code- in common bergamot, woods, tonka bean, suede etc- (but with a subdued leather-note, in here somewhat absent and without the olive blossom-presence), Jpg Le Male, Prada Luna Rossa Black and the venerable Ysl Body Kouros (but in this case with a less resinous twist).The general performance is more or less similar to the one of the classic EDT. I prefer far more the original Edt over this Parfum. Not so much to add.
1st November 2021