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Giorgio Armani (2018)

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Armani Code A-List by Giorgio Armani

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Reviews of Armani Code A-List by Giorgio Armani

There are 3 reviews of Armani Code A-List by Giorgio Armani.

I like A-List more than the original Code or even Colonia during the opening and into the drydown but that's because I like pleasant, sweet, fresh, woody modern scents. That's what you get here from the beginning and middle of this scent. Into the deeper drydown loses the A-List notes and reveals the original DNA of Code, powdery and piercing.

Longevity is very good (10+ hours), projection is decent.

This feels & smells like code ultimate, maybe slightly different, since code ultimate is discontinued, therefore, I would recommend this to everyone who doesn't own "Ultimate" or running out of it. However, this is also a limited edition release. I like both ultimate & A-List, however, keeping them both seem redundant.

I've been a collector of Giorgio Armani Code flankers for the most part; the original seemed okay, but nothing special in comparison to the retakes done on it.

Says Giorgio Armani about this special edition:

"Code A-List is a perfume infused with the seductive notes of the first iconic Armani Code aftershave, yet has been distilled further into a rare blend.

"Magnifying ingredients, bergamot and green mandarin blend with the smoky tones of Gaïac wood.

"A tension has been created between lavandin grosso heart and the intensity of Tonka bean.

"Due to a unique way of extracting, the lavandin grosso heart brings luminosity, opening doors to the exclusive world of Code A-List."

Armani Code A-List unmistakably echoes the original, with some notable differences: First, A-List leans towards the aromatic, smoky quality of Armani Code Ultimate. The opening citrus peel elements (bergamot and green mandarin) add a slight brightness, which mixes naturally with the full lavander heartnote. As with all the other Codes, A-List features the sensual tonka bean note that points right to the guiac wood foundation.

Compared to the original, A-List has some more depth and colorful appeal. It waxes more formal and fits with a suit, for sure. It does seem to be a bit lighter in density than the original, meaning it will require careful application of layers of the scent to avoid fading out too early.

Overall, this is a genuinely pleasant scent that I'd hasten to call "Armani Code Light", as the "Colonia" edition explores the Eau de Cologne side of Code but doesn't act the part of a "light" Code per se. (There is the Armani Code Ice version which I haven't tried.)

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