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Reviews of Ariane by Avon

There are 4 reviews of Ariane by Avon.

I'm fairly fond of this one. As noted, it's a soft, powdery floral with good persistence. What I love about it, though, is the peach note, which hangs in for a good while. This is a really good choice for summer wear if you don't want to wear a stereotypical summer flanker. It'll go with jeans or a dress equally well.
Feb 24, 2014

On me, eau de grandma's closet.
Aug 4, 2008

Ariane is one of my two favorite Avon perfumes, the other one being Emprise. The opening is soft and flowery, developing into a very rewarding spicy floral heart. They drydown is also soft, feminine, and powdery, and is long lasting. How nice that Avon brings this one back from time to time.
Oct 29, 2005

So feminine, clean, yes, a bit soapy. Reminiscent of L'Aire du Temp & Privledge. Easy to wear, suitable for ingenues & grand dames.
Dec 27, 2004

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