Ariana Grande (2015)

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ARI by Ariana Grande

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Singer, Ariana Grande's debut fragrance is ARI. She says:

I love fragrance, it is something I have been obsessed with all my life. As a fragrance debut of my very own, I really wanted it to be personal, that's why I named it ARI. I love everything about it. It is so fun and true to me. The scent is sweet, yet sexy, with some surprises underneath.

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Reviews of ARI by Ariana Grande

There are 1 reviews of ARI by Ariana Grande.

If what primarily interests you is what a fragrance actually smells like, this is a typical of celeb scents. There are many like on the market. Most of them are stronger. This is like they took a lot of other fragrances out there, mixed them together, and watered it down. It brings to mind words like subtle, sweet, decent, funny, casual, and generic, which are all words i would never associate with Ari. It is a slightly weaker version of Viva La Juicy.

Opening spray is bright, fresh and fruity with raspberry and hints of citrus. It doesn't take long to get to the base, which is pleasant marshmallow-sugar vanilla musk, but the base is holding on strong at hour four. You'd like to keep this around for one of those days where you decide It's a good idea to wear a bunch of colorful barettes and a particularly colourful graphic tee and wear uour glittery Hello Kitty sneakers, just any day you want to be playful and cute.

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