Ardenbeauty fragrance notes

  • Head

    • living rice flower, italian bergamot, green notes
  • Heart

    • blue lotus flower, living gingerlily, rubrum lily, golden sunset orchid
  • Base

    • sandalwood, white amber, skin sensual musk

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They call this a beauty
and say it contains exotic naturals...

Give us a break.

It smells like cleaning product and should have a skull and cross bones on the label.
16th September 2022
Arden Beauty has shades of the old 5th Avenue, which was actually a favorite of mine, but is much lighter, fresher and dries down more quickly into a floral/woody composition.

It is a nice floral, unobtrusive, elegant and yet to my nose a bit watery, probably due to the lotus note. Easy to wear it really isn't anything exciting, but neither is it unpleasant at all.

You wind up with this scent wafting around you that somehow reminds you of anything and everything good in life from babies to rainbows, crossing a finish line of a racem, bike rides, hugs, a walk in a garden after it rains, camping under the stars.
22nd August 2022

So is "sexy" the only thing people nowadays look for in a scent? What happened to "elegant", "classy", or "sophisticated"? Fragrances evoke moods and frankly I do not want to be in a "sexy" mood all day and night! There is a time and a place, but not 24/7! Anyway, here is my review for this exquisite perfume:
Do not let the description "green floral" throw you into thinking this is only for Spring and Summer. IMO it is much better suited to the Fall and Winter, the heat zaps this scent of its energy. This is a sophisticated, classy, elegant scent but delicate and subtle. The florals are exotic, modern aquatics that are cooled with iris and ginger(a cool spiciness!) and then warmed with sandalwood and amber and musk. Picture a Japanese garden in the Fall with red maples and green tea being served by a honey-eyed geisha with bamboo in the background and the playing of flutes drifting to you from the distance... Or a smartly dressed woman in a beige suit with an ivory silk blouse sitting at a cafe in Paris sipping her coffee while the wind whips the fallen oak leaves around the ankles of the passersby... There is a serenity that is crisp and energetic in this scent. It is very feminine and I would say is as wearable for the new college student as well as her mother or grandmother because this scent compliments the wearer's own energy. This is lovely. And can easily become a signature scent of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants to show to the world. Not a "bedroom" scent, but who spends all their time in the bedroom? (Don't answer that...)
27th September 2014
A bit blandBergamot is evident up front, followed by lily notes. A light musk follows on, with a touch of light wood. Not bad but quite linear and not at all interesting on my skin. Longevity ok with about three hours.
22nd August 2013
From what I remember smelling, I really liked this one. I had originally been searching for a fragrance for my mother's birthday and seeming that she loves most Elizabeth Arden fragrances I was compelled to try this. From a quick whiff, I thought that smells nice and walked off. I returned some weeks later and got my mother to test it to see if she liked it, (she didn't unfortunately). Before leaving, I sprayed a bit on my wrist and a few hours later I was wondering what smelt so good.

Even my boyfriend at the time noticed it and asked what made me smell so sexy. I think a lot of people may be shocked to know that it's an Elizabeth Arden fragrance. At the time I didn't buy it because I was going through a strange stage in my life where I refused to buy anything cheap. But now that I'm older and a lot wiser I think I'll succumb and buy a bottle of this on my next shopping spree.

26th April 2011
It amazes me that Arden Beauty has so many negative reviews on here. Also, I'm amazed that so many people seem to think it smells synthetic, of green tea and of melons! Personally, I don't get any of that.

What Arden Beauty is is a very nice perfume with a ridiculously low price tag! It smells far more expensive than it is and my guess is that a lot of women who've reviewed this perfume are giving it negative reviews more because of how reasonably priced it is rather than for the actual perfume itself. If it is was an expensive perfume my bet is that it would have much more positive reviews.

Arden Beauty is a very lovely soft, fresh, floral scent that lingers on my skin subtly for hours and hours. Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of floral scents but this one is lovely. It's in the same vein as, say, Estee Lauder 'Pleasures',in its floral-ness but a million times nicer (I detest Pleasures and don't understand why it's so popular!) and more interesting. Also, men seem to love it.

So. a big thumbs up from me for Arden Beauty.
17th February 2011
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