Arancia di Sicilia 
Perris Monte Carlo (2019)

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Reviews of Arancia di Sicilia by Perris Monte Carlo

There are 2 reviews of Arancia di Sicilia by Perris Monte Carlo.

Arancia di Sicilia is my first try from Perris Monte Carlo. It’s one of the house’s more recent releases (from 2019) and, as best I can tell, one of the more discussed. On name alone, it sounds it should be a citrus-dominant mix, but the note breakdown is much more interesting, and the same can be said of the fragrance itself, which definitely has a prominent sweet-and-creamy citrus aspect to it, but smells far more of a blended dessert, with notes of almond, cinnamon, and coffee.

So while it’s fresh and citrus to some extent, is far more of a mixed experience, but still very sweet and almost entirely gourmand, with very good performance. So it has freshness and sweetness, with a sort of year-round friendliness, mostly for gourmand fans. And it’s not particularly redundant with entries that may sound similar, like Profumum Roma Dulcis in Fundo, which is a superb expression of the citrus/vanilla blend but does not entail some of the other attributes of Arancia di Sicilia.

Arancia di Sicilia is sold in the US by Indigo Perfumery, Luckyscent, and some department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, and is priced at $190 for 100ml in EDP concentration, a fair price point for the quality of the juice.

This is very impressive stuff and will have to be on my list as a future acquisition.

8 out of 10
Oct 19, 2020

Very clean. One of the cleanest I ever sampled. Looking at the notes, you wouldn't think this fragrance smelled the way it did. I would have thought this was a gourmand fragrance. Slightly powdery with a bit of floral going on. (not too much though) 7.5/10
Oct 2, 2019

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