Aramis Tobacco Reserve fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant, nutmeg
  • Heart

    • tobacco leaf, clary sage, iris
  • Base

    • tonka bean, oakmoss

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This is nice! I love the texture imparted by the blackcurrant and clary sage, it really lends a 'photorealistic' tobacco effect to the nose.

It is not a predictable tobacco scent; it doesn't smack of acridity of an overdose of resins and labdanum (which don't get me wrong, can have its appeal to my nose as well), but rather, its a mouth-watering melange of tonka, nutmeg, and iris that lends a winsome coziness and sense of repose. I will be reserving this for cool autumn evenings. 8.5/10
5th March 2022
This stays just on the right side of sweet for me. Definitely get a liquorice note from the off and also a tobacco leaf note - it smells a little bit like a pipe/loose tobacco shop I remember going in with my dad when I was a kid. Nice scent.
22nd March 2021

Like a warm and sweet smokey hug that warps you up and protects you from the winters cold. He isn't sexy or attractive, just a dark figure that disappears into the night. A ovely fresh spicy tobacco smell. It's surprisingly well composed and mature, herbal, smokey, masculine, elegant, clean, cozy, inviting and comfortably masculine.

A smooth sweet tobacco (not the dark) sitting on a bed of warm and sweet tonka bean with a bit of spice&moss. The spiciness is fresh yet warm, dry and refined with the nutmeg and slight clary sage. The oakmoss is realistic and blends well providing the right amount of earthiness to add some masculine sex appeal, the tonka is nicely rendered here and not at all cloying or overpowering. It's a green from a night garden, fresh and ready to morning dew. It's not quiet, it speaks and you can hear it clearly,like a singer, you will hear it and it will enchant you with it's voice.

Totally it's safe, yet bold. It has character but is tamed and reserved. Mildly sweet and moderately strong. It's not a young boy type smell. Rock this when your clothes say casual, but your mentality is black tie affair. A must have for safe & inoffensive tobacco lover's. Last about 6 hours on my skin.
19th January 2021
I just picked up a bottle of this and am really loving it! As many have said, this has nothing to do with the original Aramis itself, but has a mature well-formulated feel to it. Definitely a colder weather fragrance with a slight licorice scent trail (almost Tuscany-like). Touting itself as a tobacco fragrance, I definitely pick up a sweeter pipe tobacco vibe. Warm, comforting, and a great additional to my fall/winter fragrance arsenal. Definitely a more mature fragrance and not for the Abercrombie & Fitch crowd.
21st November 2020
Aramis Tobacco Reserve falls right in line with the classic bottle it's housed in and meets expectations as another well blended flanker in the Aramis line. Simple in composition, after around 15 minutes, this EDP brings the slightly powdery, sweet tobacco front and center and keeps on truckin'. Longevity on my skin with 2 sprays was 10 hours. Recommended for night time wear in cooler weather. 3/5 stars.

Note: Only 2 years old, this one already seems to be on it's way out and is getting scarce online. A 2oz bottle is currently at around $60; 3.7 oz $80; 3-5ml decants $6-10.
12th September 2020
Bought this blind and am really glad I did. I was buying a replacement bottle of Tuscany and noticed that this had dropped in at £35 for a 110ml bottle so though "why not?".

I read somewhere that someone layered this with Tuscany and I can see why this works.

What I would say is that this is neither like the original Aramis (or any of the flankers since) and also isn't that much like Havana. Sure it shares a similar note to Havana but when I tried Havana it was like a "damp" tobacco and this is like a dry/green tobacco.

Fortunately, I don't find the Tonka in the basenotes overpowering and I find that in general I get an almost cedar like dryness throughout the middle which lasts a long time on me.

The fragrance isn't overwhelming but it's a solid addition to the wardrobe. It's inoffensive but different enough to not smell like anyone else.

Give it a try and don't get caught up in the name.
26th February 2020
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