Aramis Modern Leather fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Basil, Thyme
  • Heart

    • Geranium, Patchouli
  • Base

    • Leather, Oak Moss

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Latest Reviews of Aramis Modern Leather

I am impressed with the quality of Modern Leather; then again, I love so many fragrances that carry the Aramis brand, including all that had been bundled into the 'Gentleman's Collection.' It seems that it has been overshadowed by Tobacco Reserve, but it certainly holds its own. This aromatic, herbal leather could very well be considered modern due to certain de rigueur aromachems incorporated into the composition (suederal and ambroxan, for example), but the lovely herbal opening really sets it apart. Thyme is a favorite note of mine, lending a somewhat dry, rugged quality that makes a scent decidedly masculine, while the basil synergizes well with geranium, as observed in other scents that use both.

Modern Leather is not groundbreaking, but I love my aromatic and herbal notes, so it brings pleasure, is well-blended, and while far from a heavy-hitter leather, it is stirring to the nose no less.
8th March 2022
A safe, office friendly leather, in my opinion.

I wear Commodity Leather & Molinard Cuir for myself, for a non-social day.
I would wear Aramis Modern Leather for work, worship, or in the company of friends or family at a social event.

This wears light & airy, does not cloy or get down your throat at all, and it feels like the scent bubble would be within a foot or two.

Though I much prefer the original Aramis, as well as Aramis Tobacco Reserve, this is much more accessible, for my tastes, than Aramis Special Blend.

A safe 3.5-3.9/5, and FBW for me.
6th January 2022

The most generic of the trilogy of themed Aramis scents from recent years (the other two being Tobacco Reserve and Special Blend), although it's just nice enough to get a thumbs-up.

Given the date of release, one would be forgiven for suspecting that this would follow the vein of Tuscan Leather or Dark Rebel in the creation of a leather accord, Modern Leather has no connection to either. It's neither very modern nor very leather-y.

Modern Leather strikes me as mostly being about a watery violet, a kind of barbershoppy, more old-school Hommage a L'Homme. Violet strangely isn't listed in the note pyramid, but gives the composition a fruity touch, balanced by basil and some danker elements like patchouli, which become more dominant as it develops on skin.
29th July 2021
Smells like yer dad, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Definitely keeps the spirit of the brand. It's a bit dank and definitely masculine, which for me is welcomed after trying a few too many sugary "clubbing scents". But I don't know if this is something that suits me either. I do hope to get a leather scent, but I'd be more interested in one that's a bit less spice focused, a smoother boozy leather.
28th July 2019
A very light leather'd expect this one to be a beast but ingredients have changed and so have the times. I enjoyed sampling this, it's a friendly leather that I'd use in the summer , doesn't project massively and doesn't go on forever either but it does smell sophisticated and classy. I have another leather fragrance in the same vein called mahon leather by floris, that one is a little more interesting and better done tho. I think this is perfect for close encounter nights like cinema and dates.
11th March 2018
I'm surprised that the Aramis name is used here. You would expect something from this house with those notes to have promise. Unfortunately, someone has taken "modern" to mean "hardly detectable". Have some courage and ramp everything up.
12th October 2017
My first fragrance purchase as a 20-something was Aramis, and Devin was my second. I'm still wearing both, so I'm predisposed to like anything from the house. This one doesn't disappoint!

Unsurprisingly, there's lots of leather from beginning to end. I get spices and pepper at the beginning. The pepper comes and goes during the dry down, with some wood and a pleasant floral note (probably the geranium listed in the notes, although I couldn't name it without them) coming in later.

I expected to replace my original Aramis with this, but they're different enough that I think both are sticking around. Modern Leather might be a little more versatile. I can see wearing it more often in warmer weather, where Aramis is pretty much a Winter fragrance for me.
5th September 2017