Aramis was launched by Estee Lauder Companies in September 1964 in New York and then in the UK, exclusively in Harrods at first in 1965. It has remained popular ever since and is a true classic fragrance. The Aramis range has grown and includes a wide range of shaving, hair, bath and body products. Aramis Gold was launched in 1998, which has a scent based on the original Aramis.

Aramis fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot oil, Artemesia, Gardenia, Galbanum, Cumin
  • Heart

    • clary sage, myrtle oil, clove bud oil, Jasmine, Patchouli, Orris
  • Base

    • patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, tree moss, leather, Castoreum, Amber, Musk

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Works well with flannel shirts and jeans to coat and tie. Old school, power and masculine, not for the meek.

Blends very well with one’s own natural smells and exudes confidence and power.

Highly recommend!
30th April 2023
Classic. Masculine. Understated. Sophisticated. Refined.
These are the adjectives that come to mind when I smell this fragrance. Excellent juice for the price, performance is amazing. I like the Concentree slightly more than the EDT but have and like wearing both. Excellent longevity and persistent projection.

Fun fact: EDT lasts a couple hours longer for me than the Concentree which is supposedly higher in concentration!!)
9th October 2022

Classic and classy.

I know twenty year-olds who are mature enough to wear Aramis and seventy year-olds who are still too immature to wear Aramis.

Aramis is for mature men who want to wear a highly integrated and impeccable classic scent.

Aramis is slightly green, softly spiced, rests on sweet woods, and has just a bit of something animalic.

Over-spraying can end very strangely, so under-spray and let it do its job as an impeccable set of scent armour.

22nd September 2022
In 10 or so years, once everyone’s grandpa or dad from a certain generation is dead and buried, Aramis will rise again.

It will be considered brave, bold, daring, avant-garde and oh so masculine.

The industry will turn upside down. Blue shower gel fragrances will be mocked, smelling “like my dad” duh.

And it will be just.
15th September 2022
I refer to this fragrance as "The Chairman of the Board." It might be 55 years old, but its odd mix of brashness and class still hasn't been topped. The first time I put my nose to it, my inexperience told me it was quite pissy. Months later after nosing animalic monsters such as Antaeus, Lapidus Pour Homme, and Kouros, I can barely detect any animalic notes in Aramis at all. I don't have the vintage Eau De Cologne which was very mossy. Nevertheless, this spicy, leathery chypre is one of my go-to fragrances when I wear a suit and don't need to be subtle.

Warning: Don't spray more than twice on your neck.

Masculinity Level: Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin duetting in tuxedos.
21st June 2022
I have a soft spot for Aramis as it was the first designer fragrance that I bought as a young adult back in the 90s. Even back then Aramis was a classic, older player in the fragrance scene but was still holding its own and considered respectable. Today this 56 year old fragrance is still remaining relevant and very wearable. It is a masculine fragrance that opens with strong sandalwood and vetiver tones and dries down to a nice leather note. I find that after 30 to 40 minutes it stays relatively close to the skin so I would say sillage is very average but longevity is good, I generally get 6 to 8 hours of wear out of it. Aramis is definitely a more mature fragrance but one that a younger man could wear in conservative work and social situations such as at the office or a formal dinner. All round a great fragrance that has stood the test of time.
27th May 2021
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