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Aramis (1973)

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Described by Aramis as "Tradition with a dash of the unexpected."

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Reviews of Aramis 900 by Aramis

There are 73 reviews of Aramis 900 by Aramis.

This scent will instantly transport you to a dense mossy've gone for a walk at dusk,and every so often you stop to pick wild herbs and crush them between your fingers,releasing the scent. Aramis 900 is an example of high art for perfumery.It is complex, herbal and unlike anything that you can really smell around you nowadays.i've had someone tell me it smells like an old man fragrance but i think that's because modern popular fragrances are so uninspired that anything a little out of the ordinary is too complicated for contemporary sensibilities.Aramis 900 isn't a happy man.but he's intoxicating and draws you in.a big personality. someone that doesn't follow trends,who works hard but knows how to unwind. mature ladies absolutely whipped their heads around when i wear this.

It is a unique fragrance experience,a bitter dry chypre,and certainly not for's one of those fragrances that has to choose you.this melancholy fragrance bomb on my skin,the initial bracing bitterness dissipates just to soon to reveal a forest tapestry,where the floral notes simply enhance.the chypre base smells how all the Estee Lauders uses to smell when they had access to as much oakmoss as they wanted.the nose behind Aramis 900 is Bernard Chant,and you can smell his similar influences in Aliage,Azurée,and Cinnabar by Estée Lauder.he is one of my favorite perfumers.his perfumes has depth, richness and so much sophistication they are hard to beat. this is what also makes them so interesting to wear over and over again.for anybody who finds this to be too strong,try Kiehl's original musk,very similar,but watered down.
Oct 13, 2021

A bold yet elegant masterpiece of perfumery. It takes a real man with confidence in himself to wear and appreciate this ingenious work of art. An absolute joy to wear as it takes you on a journey as it dries down. A fragrance connoisseur's wet dream!!!
Mar 6, 2021

A masterpiece. As with all Aramis scents I have tried, it has one ugly note in the opening, here an overpowering hairspray blast. Quite shocking the first time. Thankfully 900 quickly opens up and starts a stunning transformation, from your lover's bed to medicinal shelf to a forest pond lit by a milky sun. The heart is sublime and can easily hold its own with the great wet greens Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Grey Flannel and Loewe Esencia but with a modulating bitter touch that gives 900 its own personality.
Feb 27, 2021

Aldehydes (that hairspray smell) and Patchouli is what I get on first spray quickly followed dusty roses and moss. It's green and herbal and old school with a underlying subtle civet. As it dries down I smell some carnation and woods. It's one of those ones that smells good in the air around you but not so good up close because of the aldehydes.

Nice in a old fashioned way but not something I would buy but I can appreciate it.
Jun 23, 2020

Walk Taller Frag!

Can't add much more that hasn't been thoroughly explained by those with a 'nose' .

All I can say is its a wonderful antidote to sweet, gourmand, aquatic, modern and or metro frags. Proper AND manly frag.

If you're delving into classic ( I chose this word rather than old school deliberately!) and gentlemanly this is essential along with the original.

I'm walking taller , my chest is puffed out, shoulders back. It's THAT sort of frag.

Get in.

Edit 2:
To carry on some of the amusing and fitting illustrative descriptions I've read on basenotes - this is Gordon Ramsay vs Ginode Campo!

Edit 3:
Wow a little embarassed by my crass evaluation (over a year ago and I'mhoping I'm a little more nuanced now)
I find it quite genius - mossy patchouli country funk teamed with a top rate rose. Not everyones tast but I feel it's pretty spot on.
Aug 10, 2018

Smells similar to other old-school classics I've tried. "Soapy" and "barnyard" come to mind.

Strong projection and longevity.

Feb 16, 2018

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