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Arabie by Serge Lutens

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Arabie is a shared scent launched in 2000 by Serge Lutens

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Reviews of Arabie by Serge Lutens

There are 107 reviews of Arabie by Serge Lutens.

I like the idea that this one is trying to convey, but it unfortunately ends up coming across like a holiday candle to me. It's just a bit over the top with spicy-sweetness and puts off a holiday gourmand vibe. I like the smell but struggle to wear it.

The opening blast is characterised by a rich and quite realistic aroma of ripe Brown figs, rich Khudri dates, and the zest of mandarins in a jam mix; the latter providing a touch of freshness.

Soon the drydown adds sweet spices, bases on a strong cumin, some clove, and a fairly creamy tonka bean, whilst and undertone of benzoin adds restrained crispness. The whole becomes quite resinous and a bi syrupy at times, but manages to avoid and intrusive heaviness.

in the base the cumin and the clove are waning gradually, but the tonka a the benzoin remain, with the occasional flare of the fruity top notes. In the background woods evolve; I get more cedar initially, then some sandalwood, and the occasional whiff of Acaju.

I get moderate sillage excellent projection, and an impressive eleven hours of longevity on my skin.

This scent for cooler spring days is an olfactory depiction of the scents and aromas on the markets. It is blended very well, although at times not all the components are able to show their full potential when they are layered upon one another. The performance is excellent. 3.5/5

I'm a die-hard floral, green and woody person but I keep a bottle of this in my top drawer. I rarely wear it - I just love to smell it. All those yummy spices and dried fruit scents transport me immediately to a North African market. I can feel the hot sun, see the market vendors, and taste the Tagine dishes. I don't want to smell like a Moroccan market but I really enjoy the ride!

Tried this as it's supposed to be similar to Zoologist's Camel which I love, only much cheaper. There's definitely some similarities, but they also differ in some interesting ways. First is the spices. At first sniff I was taken aback by the clove and bay leaf. But they quickly settle into something mouthwatering and evocative of the holidays, like an Arabian Christmas. It also has no animalic notes, which for me I can go either way.

Neither this nor Camel lasts SUPER long. This projected on skin for only two hours, but stuck to clothing much longer. Still, Arabie is pungent and lovely with great sillage. Definitely worth it if you're ok getting whiffs primarily from your shirt.

Heavy holiday spice bomb, huge plume of heavy licorice for a good 10 minutes before it parted the waves for a huge dreadnaught of candied peel, the intensely dry clove, cinnamon, and resinous myrrh notes.

The scent of mincemeat and Christmas cakes in the UK. Same notes are common in spiced figs, of which there is a lovely recipe on from River Cottage. Also reminds me of mulled wine and German smokers with softly billowing holiday incense rising from their mouths or tops.

Extremely long lasting, shockingly long lasting. Very little is required for maximum silage, use with caution. I love it.

Dried fruits, resins, syrupy sweetness.

Overall very nice although not quite my style. From the first 10 minutes you think It's going to be a beast but it settles down to a strong skin scent within the hour.


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