Arabian Desert 
Dunhill (2019)

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Part of Dunhill's 'Signature Collection'.

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Reviews of Arabian Desert by Dunhill

There are 3 reviews of Arabian Desert by Dunhill.

Now this one is very nice indeed and I have been enjoying wearing it this fine day. It opens soft and spicy with pink pepper and saffron with a touch of freshness from the bergamot. Soon after the rose develops and this accord is the star of the show, it's a really lovely bright slightly creamy pink rose. Now in a lot of scents of this type the rose can be very strong and can drown out the other notes. Not so here, the lush rose (and it's lovely) flows and ebbs like the tides of the ocean out of the gentle soft spiciness. So every so often a aroma of a beautiful bright and slightly creamy rose just caresses your senses only to return to the rosy soft spiciness.

Now this is what I really like about this scent is that it is really well balanced making it very wearable. The star of the show rose never overwhelms or drowns out the other notes. After three hours and into the basenotes you are left with a very nice rosy soft spiciness that reminds me a little bit of Ambre Nuit but without the powder and with a better rose note.

Now onto the so called Oud, it's basically not here and I think I would be shocked if it was from Dunhill. Now I don't know the mind of the creator but I am going to try and guess what she was going for with this note. Now with real oud you would get a cheesy barnyard aroma and then when that dies down you get a creamyness from the Oud that mixes in with the rose. In real Oud and rose combos the use of real oud adds depth to the scent and rounds out the rose accord into something lush smelling.

Now here in the basenotes I can smell the slightly creamy effect with the rose, not as great as the real thing but it's there. Of course the animalic aspect has not been replicated, again not with Dunhill. So this is my guess that the creamy aspect with the rose is the creators way of replicating the effect of Oud on the rose.

Now the price for what you get is expensive as you can get the same quality for half price ie Royal Potion Black to name one. But all in all it's very lovely and I like it a lot.

On a side-note when all the above notes are spent and in the far dry-down there is this annoying jelly-baby candy accord. It's the same accord that is in Indian Sandalwood and British leather. It persists through showers and is just weird and annoying to have this accord running through most of the scents from this exclusive range.
Aug 8, 2019

A great fragrance from Dunhill. Not my favourite of the 4, but still, really good. Maybe not so original given the huge current offering of the rose/oud dept.
Jul 29, 2019

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