Released in 1994 to try and capture a younger 'Quorum' user. A fougere fragrance, similar to the likes of 'Cool Water' by Davidoff and 'Eternity' by Klein. The bottle and box are the same as the original 'Quorum', but instead of brown, it is blue.

Aqua Quorum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lavender, Freesia
  • Heart

    • Amber, Geranium, Grapefruit
  • Base

    • Oakmoss

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As a fan of original Quorum, I was happy to try and buy this inexpensive flanker. My bottle is from 2015 and I do sense that there is oak moss anchoring this fresh citrus scent. My first impression is a strong vodka note, giving way to lavender and grapefruit, underscored by oak moss. This is very similar to Eau de Rochas pour Homme but slightly synthetic smelling. That said, this is an easy summer wear at a very affordable price. Throw it in your bag when you are packing for a stay at the beach. Like Quorum's other flanker, Quorum Silver, I like to wear this one with original Quorum aftershave which, with its strong oak moss note, ties these flankers back to their parent and gives them more heft.
12th May 2023
The 90s were all about the uplifting and summer fresh. Now when you hear these words like fresh, aqua etc, it sounds bad, referring to light, gym-wear skin scents. This was a flanker, but it was a flanker before flankers were called frlankers. In other words, it was not an attempt to capitalize on the name, it was a purposeful attempt to capitalize on a scent by making a fresher version. If you can appreciate more organic scents, this is an incredibly original extension of using organic and synthetic notes to create the impression of oceanic bliss.

It opens up with aromatic citrus (grapefruit) deliciousness mellowed by geranium, leaving you with a trail of fresh bitterness. It dries down to lavender and oakmoss which makes it invigorating, easy to wear but with enough depth to be alluring and distinctive at the same time. Amber is slightly apparent in the dry down, but the scent statys fresh until the end. This is very versatile for any casual or work event and is fixable to any season or circumstance, minus something formal. Captures the essence of a day spent at the beach very well.
24th March 2022

Nothing that will blow you away, but not bad. An average aquatic that you can fall back on since it's a cheapie. Aqua Quorum smells a little younger than Cool Water and original AdG. Rather weak compared to Quorum and lasts maybe two hours. After that it stays close to the skin. I'd say pass.
24th September 2019
Very clean, deodorant/body gel smell. Smells like the 90s. Not strong and does not project but seems to have decent longevity.
20th January 2018
This is like Eternity mixed with a little bit of Cool Water.

The problem with that, is the end result ends up being a dilution of the first fragrance it's imitating. It's basically a dull version of Calvin Klein's Eternity.
What made Eternity successful was its sharpness, there's notes that give its opening this bold vibe. It's like a stiletto. Aqua Quorum is like a butter knife.
Like Eternity, the dry down in Aqua Quorum gets powdery, but more so, and smells cheaper.

See above.

It's wearable. The playful, colorful bottle and the neutered Eternity smell give it an immature impression.
At the price, it's a great deal, and I really like the bottle. But I why not just spend the extra $$ and buy Calvin Klein's Eternity?
The only other reason I can think of wearing this one regularly, is if you like Cool Water, but think it's way too sharp, with it's excess dihydromyrcenol, then this might be a good compromise.
7th October 2017
It's poor man's Polo Sport
20th April 2017
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