Aqua Media Cologne Forte fragrance notes

  • Head

    • verbena, bergamot
  • Heart

    • fennel, hedione
  • Base

    • woody musks, moss, patchouli

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Green is my favorite color, but that doesn't mean I like all shades and hues of green. Aqua Media Cologne Forte is housed in a bottle of swimming-pool teal with a touch of unripe honeydew; a 1980s Miami Art Deco revival color that didn't need to be revived again. The verbena/fennel/hedione accord is likewise a sort of green—at once vegetal, melony-sweet, and chlorinated aquatic.

I understand that there's an audience for this. I just don't understand why.
3rd July 2023
I love this one. It's an uplifting lemon verbena with natural green notes. Modern and clean. Not overly vegetal since it's balanced out by fresher notes. The smell is familiar but I can't remember where I've come across a similar scent like this. This may be one of my favourite fresh scent from MFK and the performance is surprisingly decent for this type of scent. However, I do admit that the price is a bit steep for a fresh scent.
25th June 2023

If you love Lancome AromaTonic then you should try this one. I did a side by side comparison and while it's not a 100 percent dupe, it's damn close to me, especially on the initial spray.
12th June 2023