Aqua Gold 
Montale (2018)

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Aqua Gold by Montale

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Aqua Gold is a shared scent launched in 2018 by Montale

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Reviews of Aqua Gold by Montale

There are 2 reviews of Aqua Gold by Montale.

Like a warm dry chilly area being surrounded by old cedar trees and looking down upon lemon orchards. Very citrusy but more aromatic. Here the citrus is a general bitter citrus accord. This comes of very citrusy and right away gives way to the other notes like lavender, orange blossom. While the middle notes are stating to project, slightly powdery and flower smell from jasmine. The woody scent kept the citrus from shouting too loud. The dry down is definitely my favorite part. It smells more masculine than feminine to me. Not synthetic citrusy scent. Nice sillage and average longevity.

A fresh, spicy-citrus scent with a sweet, woody drydown. The scent it actually reminds me of the most is Bulgari Man Extreme. Plenty of spicy citrus and musk, just like the Bulgari.

Performance is surprisingly pleasant for a Montale. It lasts all workday and projects but not in an obnoxious way. Perfectly wearable at work and should be very pleasant to others.

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