Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra 
Guerlain (2015)

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Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra by Guerlain

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Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Guerlain

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Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra by Guerlain

There are 9 reviews of Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra by Guerlain.

I think this is great. Almost like someone took your average green tea (think Bvlgari) and added a few drop of Habit Rouge's lemon-vanilla accord. Add another drop of jasmine, and you have a very affordable, charming, and friendly scent.

Well done. Haven't been crazy about many from this collection, but this works. Smells natural and easy to wear.

Going into sampling this fragrance, I was elevated to say the least. No exaggeration, I hyped myself up for this one. I keep searching for great tea fragrances.
I had daydreams of transparent, deliciously herbaceous tea with heaping citrus, light florals, and plenty of greenery.
Sadly, it was so incredibly synthetic and plastic like and the florals were so overpowering, I ended up with a big headache. It was a complete scrubber for me.
I couldn't get far enough into the development to smell anything specific, except disappointment.

A quiet but quite persistent scent. It's mostly a light green tea on my skin. Everything else doesn't stick out much to my nose though I can feel there is some fruit or flowers somewhere around it. Of course it's pleasant, but it doesn't make me sing. I think I like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea more.

There are three sides to this creation. At first, the citrus blast, with bergamot and yuzu in the foreground: bright and fresh. Later on a calone is present that keeps on lingering

The second side is the tea: a pleasant, albeit quite weak chamomile impression, and an even weaker, fairly bland green tea impression, which lacks intensity and vividness. The third tea, the jasmine, is less anemic and, at times, develops to a satisfactory level and character.

And then there is the third cluster of components: the sweet synthetic vanillin with the white musks. This section is quite synthetic and generic.

I get weak, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This summery scent is designed to impress in the opening phase, such to make people sampling it a good reason for a quick purchase. Showing the chocolate side first. The later stages are unconvincing at best. 2.75/5.

Refreshing, relaxing, and balanced, Aqua Allegoria Teazzura (interesting name!) definitely has a moderate tea experience, with other elements of citrus, green and marine-atmospheric calone incorporated into it.

Unlike the more intense experience of Bulgari's green tea fragrances, AAT is more subtle, with a surprising splash of relaxing chamomile flowers adding its herbal-floral note. Jasmine puts a subtle aroma which slightly reinforces the green tea. Musk is light and tasteful, putting a bit of animalic appeal to this fragrance.

Teazzura seems suitable for men or women, the same way the the albeit more pungent unisex CKOne is as well. Distinctive and full of character!

Like a caress on the skin. Delicate and discreet yet lively and citrusy. Aqua Allegoria Tazzurra is like having a large glass of green tea with ice and couple of jasmin leaves decorated by a thin jest of lemon on top after shower on a warm day. It makes you calm down even in a fretful mood.there is a beautiful green tea note. Ethereal, soft, cozy, relaxing, friendly, green, invigorating, uplifting, lighthearted and lively.

It starts off smelling green, flowery, herby, citrusy and fresh with a touch of chamomile and fades down to subtle sweet herbiness and green tea. The dry down continue to be a smooth and slightly sweet tea note, turning into more of a jasmine green tea than a lemon note. Recommended for spring and summer.ideal for casual days or warm evenings when you are fresh out of the shower. Nothing something new but a very revilatizing fragrance.

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