Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica by Guerlain

On my skin this is a soliflorous rose with hints if rese stems very much in the backgoud. It is a lovely, elegant, light and bright delight.

The development overall is minimal, with white florals alternating with an overdiluted and very weak black tea; but their overall impact on the whole picture is minimal.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

A fresh, bright and quite elegant rose for a sunny spring day that lacks any meaningful development. 3.25/5.
9th February 2017
This is a very nice and interesting rose scent -it almost has a ashy smell accompanying the rose.When my mother smelled it on my wrist she said "It has a lot of Lily-of-the-valley in it doesn't it?"
That's it! Lily-of-the-valley and roses.Drydown is getting a bit soapy and I suspect that the longevity may not be very long ,but I still think this will be a must-have for my collection(&/or Mom's).
31st January 2011

I really wanted to like this; I love rose scents, I love Guerlain. It's certainly not a green rose, or a powdery rose, it's a strong wet rose with blasting hot-pink aldehydes. Something in there reminds me of the way Champs-Elysees feels, it's the same fizzy pink smell. (Mimosa?) It is young and bubbly and pleasant enough, but loud. Like all the Aqua Allegorias it don't have great longevity, just as well for me.
1st July 2010
A not terribly interesting--though inoffensive--rose soliflore. I rather think that the Aqua Allegoria line was a very sorry mistake on Guerlain's part, and I'm hardly surprised to see them gone. One expects sophistication and complexity from Guerlain, and (with the exception of Winter Delice, which was the only non-soliflore in the lot) the AA's were certainly not that.Nice for sprinkling linens or added to bath water, though--provided you like rose scents.
25th January 2010
A perfectly simple, pleasant linear rose fragrance with a light, 'green' background. Longevity and sillage are as expected (reasonable, not outrageous). If I come across an inexpensive bottle or swap I'd seriously consider a purchase. Being on a rose kick lately, I would compare this to another simple rose, Czech & Speake Rose. The C&S is stronger with nearly double the longevity, but it's also close to triple the price. Both present a high-quality yet simple rose that showcases the note without hitting you over the head with it.
7th August 2009
Soapy rose. Rosewater, with a slight tea-like character. If you like roses, it's okay.
12th July 2009
Totally new here and new to fragrances, so please be gentle with me and my beginner's nose/vocabulary! As for this Guerlain fragrance that I received from TPC, along with 4 other Guerlains, this is the only one that agrees with my skin and, I believe, smells as it is supposed to. Although not my favorite scent, the rose here is definitely a lovel singular floral, and more modern than others I have tried. The name is absolutely perfect, as it does remind me of an "aquatic" rose garden...maybe a pond nearby or something. It did not have many "transitions" for me, so I guess that would be called "linear"? But, it was rich and absolutely pleasant smelling all day. I received numerous compliments from my hubby and people at work. Too bad it is discontinued, as I might have purchased. I still may order a small decant just to wear occasionally.
20th March 2009
Has the lightness yet also the limited range of rosewater. Enjoyed this, and I feel it's an approachable rose for non-rose-lovers (of which I'm one), but it's not very interesting.
10th February 2009
This is fine, but less than I would have expected from Guerlain.
29th September 2008
At first, I was thinking "Where's the rose?" All I could smell was a burst of green. In about ten minutes the green settled down and virtually disappeared, leaving a pink or white tea rose, very young and sweet. This is what my six-year-old should wear when she wants to play dress-up; I think it's a little to young and spry for me. After a couple of hours it mellows into a silkier, more sophisticated rose fragrance but it's still definitely pink and white tea roses. Not rich enough to become a favorite of mine, but as with all the Aqua Allegorias, I enjoy the way that each "course" is served up, reveals itself and then moves gracefully aside for the next.
14th March 2006
While I respect Rosa Magnifica as a well-made fragrance, it smells bad on me. Some of my co-workers, whom I know are rose-lovers from their fragrance choices, compliment me when I wear it. But I know the dark, ugly truth about how it smells on me, so it's relegated to the back of my perfume rack.
9th February 2006
Rosa Magnifica starts out with very loud aldehydes & upon spraying it I got an instant soapy taste in my mouth. After about 10 minutes Rosa settles into a pretty rose soap with a faint touch of blackberry. It still holds on to a little more aldehydes than I like. Then in 20-30 minutes it turns a bit greener and the longer it is on the skin it keeps softening up. Finally, in 2-3 hours it turns to a faintly citrusy rose. After all the waiting, it conjures up images of soft pink and white roses, earl grey tea and a lovely Victorian garden. I wouldn't purchase but, will use the rest of my decant
5th December 2005
Absolutely magnificent! I received a sample of this from a swap and have used it dry! At last, a young and exuberant rose! I love rose, but have often been afraid to wear it because many men find it old fashioned or are reminded of their mothers. Rosa Magnifica gives me no such qualms.Guerlain's lovely creation begins with a bold freshness that sparkles in grace and defiance, brought about by bergamot and other green and uplifting notes. Peppery and spicy notes uplift and excite the senses. The rosy heart reveals itself beautifully and blends well with all the other accords.This fragrance is perfectly suited for a day at the office or a spontaneous romantic picnic. Wonderfully exciting and quite inexpensive to boot, Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica is a must try, and a subsequent must buy!
21st August 2005