Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver fragrance notes

    • neroli, vetiver, basil, fig

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How many nerolis does one line need? Anyway, besides Guerlain's lack of creativity in the Allegoria line, this smells fine. A light, musky orange blossom for boys and girls.

No Vetiver to my nose. The one thing Guerlain knows best...odd. I do catch a nice herbal opening and a surprising fig note.

The base is a durable, delicate floral-woody.

The one thing that makes this slightly more interesting than the name implies is a beeswax/honey note. A trick borrowed from Jean-Claude Ellen's Eau Parfumee for Bvlgari where, it adds depth to the neroli accord. Clever.

Updating to add that the fig is more prominent than I thought. Nerolia Figue would've been a better name.

The Forte version amps up the fig even more - the neroli becomes a back-playet. The Harvest edition takes that tiny hint of beeswax and takes it to the extreme - a honey lover's dream, a honey-haters worst nightmare.
1st August 2022