Aqua Allegoria Grosellina 
Guerlain (2006)


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Aqua Allegoria Grosellina by Guerlain

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Aqua Allegoria Grosellina is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Guerlain

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Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Grosellina by Guerlain

There are 3 reviews of Aqua Allegoria Grosellina by Guerlain.

Who knew that I could fall for a fruity scent that was released just a few years ago – when so many other designer and celebrity scents are horrible fruit nightmares? Just goes to show me that I can't make sweeping generalizations about a fragrance until I give it time on my skin.AAG features the sharpest and most mouth watering red currant note I've ever smelled. The sensation is tart, almost like a cranberry, with a fleshy and liquid sweetness. Yet, in the way that it's blended with the white tea and florals it manages to not smell like a flavor (like so many fragrances smell from this genre and category). The fruity whiffs of the main accord evolve very little - as it warms on skin it starts to add a bit of transparent floralcy, but the dominant red currant note never fully left my skin. Constant fruity whiffs keep lingering just on the edge of my skin, for amazing tenacity as an Aqua Allegoria scent.With the top selling masculine fragrances already loaded with fruit (I Am King by Sean John, anyone?), scents like AAG are entirely unisex and can be pulled off easily by men. Regardless of the classification AAG is a fun, laughing-with-your-mouth-open, scent. Celebrities sure wish they had a fragrance that smelled this good.

Initial spritz renders a sharp berry blast but soon settles into a muted berry tone. Remains fresh amidst hot and humid weather! It is very one-dimensional though. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy this fragrance as a nice go-to summer scent :)

Very fruity, very fresh. Though I'm not a fruity/fresh kind of gal, I liked it. It's not over-the-top, and has a very true redcurrant note. Very natural smelling. Does not last long, however. But a nice addition to the AA line.

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