Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Granada Salvia by Guerlain

A spray on skin and it seems for a while to smell a sort of earthier L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc (as ideally combined with something fruity-silvan-resinous a la The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest). Unisex but basically leaning towards the masculine side of the spectrum. Sage provides a sort of earthy aromatic twist. It seems to detect something fizzy/acid as lime (providing a touch of exoticism), blackberries, coniferous resins and musk. Red fruits are the star of the olfactory affair along with musk and cypress. I don't get in particular rose but there is a floral sophisticated twist exuding out. Granada Salvia is all about pomegranate, blackcurrant, cypress resins and musk. There is a sort of red fruity fizziness in the air and a touch of earthy/coniferous virility. Dry down is warmer and erotic with a sort of bath-shower sporty (vaguely salty-organic and sweaty but synth in perception) musky vibe a la Chopard Heaven.
29th June 2021