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Aqaba Spring 
Miriam Mirani - Aqaba (2006)

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An interesting marriage is at work in Aqaba Spring. One partner is juicy and bubbly, a seamless blend of peachy-apricot tones with sweet floral notes, which end up suggesting a fantasy scent – like one would expect cherry blossom to smell like based on the qualities of the fruit they turn into. The other partner is smudgy – crushed lipstick mixed with beeswax and hints of the house signature note of chamomile. At first a bit odd, but when it begins to settle one appreciates the rightness of this union – these two were made for each other after all. In the drydown it’s the second partner going it alone with just traces of the other left behind – no matter, life still looks rosy.
Apr 18, 2019

The seemingly endless assembly line of fragrance flankers, poised to sell because of a previously successful name, made me apprehensive about trying Aqaba Spring. I was afraid it would be some nasty "light:", "fresh", "summer", "purple", "pure", "white", or who-knows-what version of Aqaba. It is, indeed, a version of Aqaba, but it's brilliant! Anyone who knows Aqaba would recognize it in this heady, spicy blend. The addition of bright, flowery notes makes this a Spring first. As it dries down, it's sultry Aqaba, maybe a little less potent. I prefer the drama of Aqaba, but this is a thoroughly beautiful, enjoyable, fine perfume.
Jun 9, 2008

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