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By Kilian (2013)

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Reviews of Apple Brandy by By Kilian

There are 7 reviews of Apple Brandy by By Kilian.

One of the better releases from the heyday of the brand, in my opinion. The opening is very much a caramel-apple accord to my nose ... which isn't normally my style, but it works here. It transitions to a fairly linear, boozy-amber accord, over top of a woody backbone, that lasts for the duration of the scent. It's one that works well to brighten things up on a dark, winter evening.
Nov 25, 2021

probably my first scrubber. the initial blast is amazing, exactly like apple brandy, boozy and fruity. but drydown turns into medicinal cough syrup type vibe. very cloying, dense and nauseating. i love calvados (french apple brandy) so this was a blind buy for me. and sold it off after 1 use for less than half. you know what they say about blind buys... Don't!
Mar 11, 2019

Reminds me of sliced apples in caramel sauce that has some booze in it. There's also something that reminds me of maple syrup.

I didn't like it upon first wearing but second time around it quite nice. I can see this as something others would want to get close to and smell more of on you.

Best in cooler weather. Can't decide if this is casual or more formal but it doesn't smell cheap.

I get all day longevity and the scent doesn't change much other than just losing some of the initial punch in the opening. Projection is good, you won't need but a few sprays.
Feb 9, 2018

Eager to try this after hearing that it was very similar to By Kilian Single Malt, which I loved, Apple Brandy did not disappoint. First, it is, as I'd seen reported, very similar to Single Malt, which itself came out only last year, two years after Apple Brandy. Both are very boozy and sweet. Whereas Single Malt doesn't branch off too much from the main sweet whiskey vibe, Apple Brandy, as expected, ever so slightly veers in the direction of apple and spices. So it's Single Malt with a slight transformation that highlights a spicy apple vibe.

Great on projection and longevity, this expensive fragrance (like Single Malt, $295 for 50ml) merits a try and comparison to Single Malt. Apple Brandy seems slightly more popular than Single Malt, and I admit that I still need to compare them side by side at the same time on skin, but I can offer that I like the balance of Single Malt somewhat more, though Apple Brandy is a superb fragrance. Both are standouts, and Apple Brandy delivers the sweet whiskey vibe with the apple and spicy highlights--I don't get much in terms of individual notes beyond that.

8 out of 10
Feb 17, 2016

Upon initial spray, I got a strong fermented apple vibe (in a good way). The cedar soon kicked in and balanced things out. The vanilla played a nice role in the drydown. I've always said the Kilian fragrances were overhyped and overpriced. I still feel that way! Overall a decent fragrance. 7/10
Aug 17, 2015

I also have a sample, and not really blown away with this.

i had great expectations for this, i love boozy scents, and anything brandy sounds like a hit, but this is a little flat.

first spray and it doesnt have the same hit like many other kilians, and is definently much less potent, but perhaps thats their intention.

i too, get a kind of cider, or apple sauce aroma, close to the skin, and perhaps a hint of brandy but not shouting brandy brandy brandy.

as the drydown continues, it turns to a more burned wood kinda smell, with a tiny touch of incense, and a little more alcoholic tinge, but honestly, it isnt what i would describe as a pleasant mix. its a bit muddled.

Sadly, i have to say Meh.
May 26, 2015

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