Apple Blossom fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lily of the valley, apple blossom, lilac
  • Heart

    • anise, rose, jasmine, water lily
  • Base

    • ylang ylang, sandalwood, musk

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This review is for the original version by Helena Rubinstein:

A very soft, watery, faintly powdery & slightly green floral, mainly lilac to my nose. Around twenty minutes in, ylang ylang sweetens it up a bit, & a little later l detect a woody note. Otherwise it simply fades from this point, barely there after eight hours.

l find this to be a very pretty, innocent spring floral, but l would have liked it to project more. Perhaps more sprays would help, but sadly the sample vial leaked in transit, & there was only enough left for three very discreet sprays to my arm...
8th June 2022