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It's a bit acid in the opening, and during some seconds I thought it would be have a nice vintage feel... But no. It settles as something soapy, a bit itchy in the nose, like Nivea cream. Nothing bad, but I love orange blossom and I smelled better ones. Longevity is good, sillage is moderate.
12th April 2017
Unexpectedly complex for a fragrance with such a sparse pyramid!
Its multi-faceted orange blossom top moves from slightly animalic through sweetly sparkling and into a soft powder, all within the first 30 minutes. The heart is buttery ylang and musk with just a trace of something spicy - another facet of orange blossom, perhaps - over a base which is primarily woodsy but with a sweet-lactonic element, a creamy caramel quality. I got 14 hours out of it with moderate projection and good sillage.
In terms of character, there's something a little mysterious and eastern about this one - it's rich and voluptuous but elegant and restrained. It's fascinating - a real nose-to-wrist fragrance - and worthy of a decent-sized decant for further consideration, likely FBW at some point. Lovely...
4th April 2017

This starts out as a sweet and soft floral composition. Initially the orange blossom is laced with a rich and super-smooth ylang-ylang, but after the first few hours it is the orange blossom only.

This then lasts for the rest of the development. Towards the end whiffs of caramel are in the air at times, as are somewhat generic woodsy vibes that remain the least interesting part of this olfactoric trio.

The sillage is moderate to strong, the projection excellent - apply sparingly- and the longevity a very impressive eleven hours.

A soft and rich spring floral scent that is not too synthetic and is based on an agreeable orange blossom. 3.25/5.
23rd July 2016
I received this as a sample and tried it one day before leaving for work - at first sniff I just classed it as a huge floral....but as the day wore on I had several people comment on how lovely I smelled and I could still smell it on my blouse 3 days later...(I didnt wear it for 3 days!)So I like it when I change my mind about a perfume - when it starts out as mediocre and then changes into a glorious work of art and this is APOM....beautiful, well crafted, balanced and very feminine. For me its that brilliant combination of orange blossom and creamy Ylang Ylang that is at the heart of this and its really well done. My first purchase of a MFK and I look forward to sampling some more. I used to wear lots of mens fragrances but then I got tired of them - I just want to smell like a woman. This is a sexy woman in a bottle!
9th June 2015
This is Solo Loewe after he won the lottery, got rich and did a sex change surgery. Now he is she, with a little bit of boobs (more orange flower), but the same overall structure, only with an attitude "Bitch please i'm a new person now".
25th August 2014
APOM continues Francis K's love affair with orange blossom, here presented in a manner that feels quite unadorned and the better for it. After a sprightly, bright and refreshing opening, the buttery, denser sweetness of ylang begins to creep in, along with the typical skin-like musk that gives billowy body to many a Kurkdjian offering. APOM goes light on the indoles, so even though it is heady, it doesn't turn headachey.
Good for what it is – a hymn of praise for orange blossom – it will likely fail those who were expecting something more. A few hours into the wear is when APOM pf really hits its stride, becoming radiant, focussed and confident, as though sprinkled with fairy dust. And then a further few hours later it turns into musky orange blossom haze.
3rd December 2013
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