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Apogée by Louis Vuitton

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Apogée is a women's perfume launched in 2016 by Louis Vuitton

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Reviews of Apogée by Louis Vuitton

There are 3 reviews of Apogée by Louis Vuitton.

Like a girlhood prancing in a sunny glen, the twirl of a white circle skirt, a sonorous warble; it is whispred secrets, and heads tossed back in giggles. It is lily blossom cups for fairy baths. It is an interesting warm green scent. A nice modern classic.

The opening is a sparkling, synthetic citrusy melange with magnolia. Lily of the valley, one of my favorite floral notes, is obscured given it's placement in the heart, where jasmine and rose smother it.after 15 minutes the heart settles down and blends into the base, which does sport a nice sandal.

The sparkly citrus persists throughout the entire composition, much to my chagrin giving a nuance of acidity. All in all, a decent perfume but too exoensive, save your money and but Jessica McClintock instead of this!

My boyfriend brought a sample of this back from a trip to Paris in 2017, along with several other samples of the scents LV had released in 2016. This one was by far our favorite. To me the Lily of the Valley note, which I absolutely love, is most pronounced, closely followed by rose. I just had to gift a personalized bottle of this to myself for my birthday.

Between Apogee and Cactus Garden (2019) I can't decide which one is my favorite, so I'm going with "the one I am wearing this very moment".

Sillage is strong but not in-your-face, and this one lasts a full day. I can actually still smell distinct remnants on my wrist the following morning.

A bright, non-cloying white floral with citrus twist on my skin. It's not a head over heels love affair but I do quite almost love it! We are in the strong like phase of our relationship and I think I need a little bit more wear time for the love to blossom. This is a fresh, elegant white floral appropriate for many environments/occasions. While safe, it has a bit more to it that makes it that much more interesting. I am really enjoying this. My two daughters love cuddling up to me wearing it. One says it's very comforting and says “my beautiful mommy”... I just love that they get that feeling from this!

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