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Houbigant (2000)

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Reviews of Aperçu (new) by Houbigant

There are 10 reviews of Aperçu (new) by Houbigant.

A really sour green chypre. These tread a thin line for me - if they're sour in an acidic/vinegar way, I usually love them, but if they're sour in a sour-milk or decomposing-garbage kind of way, I don't like them. This is the garbage kind of sour.

To clarify, there's a very specific sour green smell given off during decomposition which wafts over areas near a garbage dump - it's not the smell of garbage, but a sweet/sour green smell of decay. And Aperçu has that.

Everything else is great - I love a green chypre and Aperçu has grassy patchouli and forward bergamot and a clever balance of florals and woods. I just can't really handle that dump smell...
Apr 27, 2021

This smells like a lighter-bodied version of Catalyst by Halston, which means I love it. The star players are oakmoss (obviously), sandalwood, jasmine, and tuberose. It's like a chypre originally released in 1940 but re-envisioned in 1990 (the smell and texture of the ingredients). Super enjoyable stuff.
Feb 13, 2016

APERCU belongs to a rare segment of chypres that are quite alike and altogether wonderful - the scent of a warm autumn day, with the amber-sweet decay of vegetation supported by crisp fallen leaves.

Schiaparelli's SHOCKING was like this.

Raphael's REPLIQUE was like this.

Now all we have is APERCU, outside of vintage bottles of the two discontinued fragrances above. This is I believe one of a handful of Houbigant's original formulas being recreated for the current market.

Stock up - it's cheaper than finding SHOCKING and REPLIQUE on Ebay.

May 13, 2013

Another great scent by Houbigant and very unisex. I have both the edt and the pure perfume version. it stays very close to the skin and last for as long as 12 hrs on my skin. Beautiful oakmoss chypre- with subtle hints of cinnamon, cloves, rose and sandalwood. One of my faves!
Jul 18, 2010

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