Aoud Purple Rose 
Montale (2012)

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Aoud Purple Rose by Montale

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Aoud Purple Rose is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Montale

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Reviews of Aoud Purple Rose by Montale

There are 8 reviews of Aoud Purple Rose by Montale.

Another oud-rose combo: a chemical oud concoction with a not particularly natural rose. There is a high chance that none of the ingredients ever saw life outside the laboratory.

On the other hand, things could have been worse, much worse. The rose is a tad darker but quite intense bit never too thick or cloying, whilst the oud lacks any overly unpleasant screechiness of harshness. Then, at a later stage, the oud takes on a slightly creamy character of dry wood, which veers in the sandalwood realm at times and makes me wonder how much norlimbanol was used there.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Not that bad, this autumnal creation, but no extra point here for originality. Rather generic. 2.75/5.

Another scent "a la Montale" with the synthetic rose. I do get the blackberries at the start, as it feels sweet, sour and fruity. Not sure with what the rose is paired, as from close it smells like a floor cleaner. Into the dry down is when finally the rose distances to the cleaning product and it starts to fell like a "normal" rose and it's paired to a creamy sandalwood, which is nice, but is not enough for me to forget the cheap mess from the first part.

Plastic candied/lipstick rosey smell. Anonymous and medicinal, the umpteenth symbol of the Montale's useless "oudish" redundancy.

Montale Aoud Purple Rose is roughly what I expected it to be, a mix of the usual Montale oud and a somewhat feminine rose, though the fragrance on the whole is somewhat unisex. The rose isn't terribly fresh or sweet, but rather powdery, so it inherently leans feminine, but when mixed with the oud, become something that I can many men can not only stomach but also might choose. Given the abundance of rose/oud fragrances on the market, I'll pass on this one but it's a sufficiently interesting take on the concept to merit trying by fans of the Montale ouds or rose/oud fragrances. If nothing else, its performance is very good so you're still getting the same strong Montale juice to which most wearers are accustomed. The scent itself simply isn't good enough to me, though.

6 out of 10

Oh Montale… when you are bad, you are terrible. Here we have a loud, braying rose that initially reminds one of Bond's New York Oud (launched a year earlier and awarded a gong or two), but which ultimately reveals itself to be in a league of crassness all its own. This is a rose stalking some industrial terrain soaking up solvents and machine grease. What passes for oud here is more of a hiss than a smell – the kindest thing I can say about it is that it seems to completely evade definition apart from a certain powderiness.
Wears quite salty and sweaty on my skin before relaxing and softening a bit and going quite dry in a rose potpourri kind of way, but still remaining beyond the bounds of acceptability. It may possibly have had some kind of mileage as a conceptual art prank, but Montale are trying to push this one as a taif rose based perfume – yeah, tell me another.

... and another oud à la Montale, this time particularly synthetic, unsubstantial and plastic. Basically you get the usual artificial and dry woody-rubbery note they (and many other brands) insist on fraudulently call “oud”, here dusted with a powdery-soapy feel which kind of smells like a spray cleaner for glasses and floors. Not being sarcastic; that's literally the smell (ta'if rose? At that price? ...). More clumsy than other ouds by Montale, and as much clumsy as also loud and overwhelming, at least for a while when applied; on the drydown is tames down a bit, remaining identical as regards of the smell but just more wearable (and bearable by people around you). Not a complete disaster, as it basically smells like a dozen of other ouds by this brand (although they've a bunch which are actually a tad above the others), but surely not that pleasant or elegant either; just somewhere between mediocre and cheap/decent, also considering the price - which isn't high, after all....but well, still not worthy for me.


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