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Montale (2005)

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Aoud Lime  by Montale

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Aoud Lime is a shared scent launched in 2005 by Montale

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Reviews of Aoud Lime by Montale

There are 48 reviews of Aoud Lime by Montale.

Rose and oud - a theme not unexpected from Montale - with both of about equal prominence. Never intrusive. This is rich up with glimpses of lime jelly, which at times has the characteristics of like confiture.

The drydown introduces a minimally powdery green iris with a touch of saffron, and a smooth and comparatively bright patchouli; I don't get much harshness there. The saffron is pushed aside by the other notes soon after having arisen.

The base adds a light and bright amber, which is underlined by a woodsy impression, including touches of sandalwood.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumnal scent is quite agreeable, without any originality. Whilst it is never intrusive and is one of the Montales suitable for the office, it is a bit too generic and synthetic to entice. 2.75/5.

I've had a 100ml for years now. Bought blind along with Black Aoud. Dare I say this one is stronger. I never got much lime... more of a rose, maybe not a virtual juicy big red as in BA, but primarily a rose, synthy oud scent just the same, and somewhat less attractive. Rubs me rather neutral. Strong and interesting is OK but upon a wear if I start wondering whether I'd appreciate the experience moreso if I'd sprayed it on my ankles under socks rather than the torso... well, there it is.

I do not like this but I'll go neutral because the lime in the opening is a nice twist to this rose-dominated, heavy incense fragrance. Like other Montales I've sampled all are extremely potent in projection and longevity, so temper your sprays with restraint.

Aoud Lime is the second Montale fragrance that I have sampled. Like Black Aoud, the opening of Aoud Lime is extremely sharp, although the rose note seems softer and less abrasive than in Black Aoud. The synthetic nature calms down fairly quickly, and unlike Black Aoud, becomes tame and enjoyable. The second time I wore Aoud Lime, I moderated to a single spray at the wrist, which greatly reduces the opening punch. At the hour mark, I found Aoud Lime to be even elegant and mysteriously enjoyable. The rose note is a light and summery, and the accord with the Aoud was not all that bad. I like this one better than Black Aoud, and could possibly put this on my wish list after my sample is used. All Montales open strong and sharp, and I believe once I understand their development stages and application limits, I would enjoy wearing them tremendously. Aoud Lime and Black Musk seem to be the ones I enjoy most right now.

I'm giving Aoud Lime a Thumbs Up.

Not my scent, the rose does not come out to flavor,perhaps too much sandalwood, not sure but do not like. I am developing my loves in Montale, Black Aoud is still the choice for me !

MONTALE fragrances has style, charisma, character and class as when you wear them you receive many compliments just like this one.AOUD LIME is for the discerning man who,oncehi finds his perfect scent,will cherish it for its ability to brighten his day.however it is a unisex but i think it is more masculine than feminine.bold,strong,addictive, gorgeous and awesome.

Lime is not at the list bit i found it at the begining as it is so dominant here with oud and makes an air of pure freshness and fact a blend of lime mixed with a woody signature oud,sandalwood and also amber and patchouli that gives confidence to this scent and makes it a great standby for every eventuality from business to pleasure.

This EDP is as bold as BLACK OUD.quite mature and suitable for a self assured character.AOUD LIME is not only for winter in my opinion it is perfect for autumn weather and great for a night out on the town.this is the scent to wear when you want to get noticed. test it first before buying.

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