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Mancera (2016)

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Reviews of Aoud Lemon Mint by Mancera

There are 11 reviews of Aoud Lemon Mint by Mancera.

This is feminine as a perfume can get. It's not unisex. Period.

It's a straight up flower bomb, rose, and some oud, CLOYING as candy.

Smells like my first grilfriend - instant memory - took me back to 2003. Tried to wash it off, but it's extremely persistant.

Nothning a guy would want to wear definitely.

Feb 2, 2021

I've been on the prowl for a nice lemon-forward fragrance for a while, and sadly, this was another letdown. The opening gave me high hopes: a natural-smelling ripe lemon, slightly sweet, with a hint of almond and orange/mandarin in the background. Presently, this lovely, natural-smelling opening gave way to a chemical nightmare that smells something like a mixture of Lysol, Lemon Pledge, and a powdery, leathery amber. Longevity is excellent, because after about a dozen hand-washings, it still remains on the back of my hand.

If only it had been more linear and stayed with that delicious opening! Unfortunately, I'm left now smelling like I've just cleaned house with the strongest chemicals I could find. This is not Mancera's best.
Dec 10, 2020

As far as Mancera goes this is average in performance, good but not as good as lots of the other Mancera scents.

Fresh lemon with light Oud hiding behind Jasmine and a lighter note of Patchouli.
Despite the name this has a darkness to it, making this good choice for evenings and cold weather and ok for warmer.
I like this but try before buying, not for everyone.

Scent 6.9-10
Performance 6.8-10
Sillage 5-10
Aug 7, 2020

Oriental oud scent that is very strong to my nose. Has a "perfumy" smell to me. If you give it 30 minutes it does settle into a decent juice. There is no mint actually listed but it has a minty vibe I suppose. There is lemon, oud and a lot of jasmine. That's mostly what I get for well over 60 minutes. Leans feminine at the start but does dry into a nice unisex fragrance. Gonna have to give this a few wearings before I decide if I like this. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY...

After wearing this for another full day I feel this is a quality product that is a very high quality nice juice. A thumbs up but a try before you buy fragrance. Enjoy!
Sep 23, 2019

From November, 2016:

Aoud Lemon Mint fits well into the "fresh oriental" genre, as it consists mostly of a jasmine/vanilla combination accented by lemons and provided a cool edge through the addition of mint It's important to note that these individual elements do not appear as such, and work together more to form what comes across as a singular accord. So what you get is a sort of sweet floral fragrance with a vague interpretation of vanilla, possessing a tart or sour edge, and delivered in a very fresh and cool way. You'll pick up on the lemon, and as far as the mint is concerned it doesn't come across as any kind of herbal spearmint, its interpretation instead seems aimed at creating a cooling effect, in something of a lightly sweet peppermint accent. As a fan of Mancera fragrances, I've come to take the titles of their fragrances with a grain of salt. As a result, it doesn't come as much of a surprise to me that there is little, if any "Aoud" in this fragrance, and it doesn't bother me either as oud is something I don't think I'd want to see here anyway. Projection is strong, as this is somewhat "perfumey" and diffuses well. Longevity is solid. As far as its gender, Aoud Lemon Mint is one of those perfumes that feels totally unisex to me, but completely and better suited for men. What I mean is that although it's not a typically "masculine" fragrance, I can really only imagine men wearing it. To draw a relevant comparison, Dior Homme is similar in this regard: Does it feel like a manly fragrance? No.It smells like lipstick and powder. But isn't it best suited for men? Absolutely. Overall, it's a pretty nice fragrance. Its downside is that, as I mentioned before, it has a "perfumey" quality to it which for some people can get annoying. ("Perfumey" = a powdery, diffusive white musky floral quality). It's not too extreme in this regard, but whether or not you like it may depend on where your own personal tolerance threshold lies in regard to this aspect. As far as season and occasion are concerned, Aoud Lemon Mint seems best suited for spring while functional in fall and winter. I'd only be careful wearing it in the hot summer months. It can be dressed up or down, and for bringing it down you'd probably just apply less to create a more casual demeanor. Overall, this gets a thumbs up and is recommended for sampling. In the realm of Mancera fragrances, I find Aoud Lemon Mint most similar to Aoud Blue Notes. It has a similar personality and shares some general qualities with it.

One final note: The fragrance to which this is the most similar, in my experience, is Addictive Oriental, created by Alberto Morillas in 2015 for the Mercedes Benz VIP Collection. In fact they're very similar save for the addition of lavender and tonka that are in Addictive Oriental. To create Addictive Oriental, Morillas used a hefty dose of Paradisone, an aromachemical similar to Hedione, which creates a very expansive and airy-sweet floral diffusion. It's a synthetic interpretation of jasmine and a very powerful and effective note. I suspect that Paradisone was used in Aoud Lemon Mint as well. Paradisone's aroma is fairly distinct and it's quite apparent here, not to mention the fact that jasmine is also listed in Aoud Lemon Mint's note pyramid. So, if you're considering purchasing this, you may want to sample Addictive Oriental first. Not only is it similar, it's also cheaper. And I'd even say that the main difference between the two is that Addictive Oriental is even more potent, with a stronger, wider projection. At a third of the price, it's at least worth looking at before deciding on Aoud Lemon Mint.
Aug 13, 2019

Standard issue aoud. The thumbs down is because the positive reviews extolled how fresh and lovely this is which makes it a perfect summer choice. Summer where? On the Ice rings of Saturn? Some lemon skulking on the fringes but nothing to distract you from the obvious heavy aoud. Mint undetectable and probably ran off wanting to avoid any association with this mediocrity.
For aoud connoisseurs the situation may be different. For the rest of us-- you have been warned.

Fragrance: 3/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
Aug 18, 2018

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