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Montale (2009)

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Aoud Leather by Montale

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Aoud Leather is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Montale

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Reviews of Aoud Leather by Montale

There are 31 reviews of Aoud Leather by Montale.

Smooth, velvety leather filtered through a raspberry-oud cloud.

Lasts & lasts with only 2 sprays; one well-placed spray would've been sufficient.

Might be slightly linear, but the blending & material quality is medium-to-high. I don't get any 'chemical'-ness to this at all.

A very subjective 6/10, simply because I like my leather to growl.

Leather leather leather leather leather - those are the five most prominent ingredients of this creation. Initially it is brightened up by a bit of bergamot. A touch of oud comes and goes, but it is so hidden away and becomes more a characteristic of the leather than a note that is standing in it own feet.

The leather is bright, and lacks any darkness and sharpness; no birch tar here! The combination of leather with a brighter note, here the bergamot, ban work very well, as Creed's famous Cuir de Russie demonstrates so convincingly, but here the leather is rather linear and lacks the depth, texture, richness and rawness to even dare a comparison. This leather commotion is not sweet, heavy or rich; it is like an anti-Tuscan-Leather concept and quite the opposite of Tom Ford's opus.

Sure, a discreet saffron is also thrown into the mix, as is a nice cardamom in the background. There are some spices and a dash of white pepper too, and touches of a soft ambergris am with whiffs of a smooth and bright patchouli too, but there are mere footnotes here.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and an excellent nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This quite straightforward leather creation is nice for warmer autumn days, but it lacks a bit of development at times. A good leather for someone who wants to start exploring leather creations but does not like them sweet or heavy. 2.75/5.

This started off kinda bright and pleasant and then the leather-oud kicked in and really punched back, making me think this wasn't going to be something I enjoyed, like most leather ouds. But then it softened-up and came back around to something pleasant again, kinda sexy, kinda dirty and kinda sweet. The best I can compare it to is somewhere between Tuscan Leather and Ombre Leather, both from Tom Ford.

To me, it feels best for cooler weather. It's not uber-beastly in projection but it definitively performs well with minimal sprays and seems too big for warm weather. Longevity is also quite good, lasting all day.

A new leather belt soaked in a bath of steeped spices. Sweet, but in a perfumed way. Saffron note becomes strong. Sweetness recedes. Dry, almost dusty feel then. Leather remains strong and rich. Woody note later isn't too boisterous. One of the nicer leather-centric 'fumes I've sampled. 3.5 to 4 stars.

Smells like lime and leather. A bit of saffron twinge, and the small elusive medicinal oud maybe? Whatever it smells like when analyzed, blah blah blah, the basic impression is it smells like Tuscan Leather (and Golden Boy, and La Yuqawam). I would think if you like one of these you'd like them all. The raspberry and the bergamot (smells more like a lime to me) each play off of the leather in a similar dance. Not groundbreaking by any means. Strong performance, very strong. Last and projects.

Ostensibly, this is just another quinoline-bomb Tom Ford Tuscan Leather clone. I like it, though, because it replaces TL's infamous cherry cough syrup topnotes with sparkling greens. If you sniff close enough, you can recognize a Mugler-Cologne-esque mix of neroli and vetiver, made shimmery with aldehydes and grounded with galbanum and green resins. It works surprisingly well with the leathery quinoline - it has a careful balance that I don't really expect from Montale, who can be a bit of a mess when they stray away from their formulaic aouds. It's also worth pointing out that, despite the name, this isn't one your typical Montale aoud perfumes, so don't be disappointed if that's what you're expecting.

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