Aoud Ever 
Montale (2012)

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Aoud Ever by Montale

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Aoud Ever is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Montale

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Reviews of Aoud Ever by Montale

There are 7 reviews of Aoud Ever by Montale.

Starts with a decent citrus opening and settles down to smell very, very similar to Dark Aoud- like almost identical to it. Not quite as loud as some other Montale offerings.

This is a really interesting citrus-oud offering by Montale that has a very beautiful sweet lime note with oud and sandalwood in the background. This is one of the only Montales where citrus is the dominant player. The oud here smells similar to the oud in Mancera Aoud Vanille, so it's sweet and also reminds me a lot of the smell of pistachio kulfi (the popular Pakistani/Indian ice cream dessert). If you can imagine it, imagine the lime note in Mancera Lemon Line combined with the oud note in Mancera Aoud Vanille, and you have this. It also gives me similar vibes to Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud (but doesn't smell like it at all, really). On the drydown, the oud becomes more woody and leathery while the citrus notes remain in the background. Projection is moderate (lesser than other Montales but still adequate), while longevity is also moderate at about 3 hours of good projection. Still, this is a really unique take on citrus and I like it.


Strong opening with oud, sour citron and leather and the lemon used here reminds me of Eau Sauvage. The oud tones down with time on my skin, the lemon sweetens up and the fragrance looses the sharpness from the start, transforming itself to be rounder and creamier. Kind of a fresh scent overall with a kick of bitter oud that smells good.

Very sharp could cut you it's so sharp. Pepper citrus and sandalwood cut my nasal passages. I like spicy but This hurts. After dry-down, this is a pleasant fragrance. Smells like Dry Wood by Ramon Monegal. I own Cuir d'Arabie and it is another Montale that you must suffer through the opening before it gets good.

An easygoing oud by Montale where an uncomplicated idea executed right results in a perfume that lifts the spirits and scares no horses. That idea is the coupling of juicy, zesty lemon and lime with a much quieter oud than we are accustomed to from this house. The quality of the citrus here is key: it isn't fluorescent and screechy, it's pretty close to nature, yet displaying the sophistication of citrusy classics from the 1960s and 70s. Though it inevitably changes and sweetens over the course of the day, it doesn't turn harshly chemical as often happens. A sprinkle of pepper bridges the citrus notes with the wood, and the whole thing emerges fully realized and unforced, ready to face the working week rather than just the special occasion.
Projection is somewhat humble after the first hour or so.

Agree wih TLS - simply different from Montale
Good alternative to Acqua di Parma

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